Since a computer is accompanied by concentration of attention, there is a relatively new dry eye syndrome. The first signs and reason to deal with your eyesight while working with computers are, burning and itching in the eyes, redness, tension, and reduced concentration. In the struggle with unpleasant feelings and the possible consequences of eye diseases the first and most effective are the drops. When choosing them it is better to consult an ophthalmologist, he can help you choose the most suitable option, taking into account the load, the percentage of your vision, stay at the computer and even the type of monitor you are working on.
Here is a list of the most common and the most prescribe drops for computer. "Visine Pure tear" is not the classic version with vasoconstrictor effect. These drops contain components that mimic the human tear. If you frequently spend time on the computer, so the drug for you. It can be purchased in many pharmacies without a prescription. It has no contraindications and restrictions for use. It can also be used by people who wear contact lenses.
Analogous to the "Visine" more affordable is "Vial". The drug is able to reduce itching and burning sensation, relieve the redness, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and even antimicrobial effects. The effect of the vasoconstriction occurs immediately after you zakupaet eyes, the only disadvantage in the use of this kind of drops is the initial burning sensation in case of contact with eyes, but after a couple of seconds comes relief. The drug is available without a prescription, but has contraindications, it cannot be applied to pregnant and breast-feeding as well as people who suffer from glaucoma.
Popular drops with the moisturizing effect is "frail-chest." Such a drug suitable for people with injuries corneas and those who wear contact lenses. As with previous drugs - "frail-dresser" has antimicrobial properties and removes inflammation. Has no contraindications.
If we talk about the drug test of time – it is "Inox", drops prescribed for eye fatigue caused by a long stay near the monitor or TV. A big plus is that the components of the drug are completely natural and comprise of herbal extracts. The drug has no contraindications.
Good to combine together with the use of drops exercises for the eyes or folk remedies, still need to take breaks from the computer every hour for 5-10 minutes, and then you will forget about dry eye syndrome and other diseases.