First, snails have no gender. Because your new pet is a boy and a girl simultaneously, and his name can be given both male and female. On the one hand, you have the choice widens, and on the other - will now have to decide still preferred the floor.
как содержать улитку
Coming up with a name for the snail, it can be assumed that it is similar. Many people think that snails are somewhat similar to kangaroos and giraffes. You can call it a Giraffe or a Kanga.
есть ли у меня предрасположенность к сверхспособностям
All I know about snails two things: they are slow and slippery. In the name of beating these two properties. If the snail for you rather slippery than slow, it is possible to name it the Nozzle if it's not against your aesthetic principles. The slow movement of a snail can be beat using antonyms. Very comical and witty will be called the cochlea, for example, a Torpedo or a Messenger.
как называют животных
Each of us has favorite actors, writers, Directors, musicians etc. Many fans consider their Pets in honor of idols. It is always touching and very nice. It should be noted that in this case, you must be prepared for the fact that for some, this choice of name may seem blasphemous and familiarity towards the famous person. Get ready if anything to defend their point of view in a dispute with a disgruntled man fan.
Какое домашнее животное завести
The decision for the first time, often turns out to be the correct one. If you have just brought home a snail and don't know what to call it, look at it carefully and try to understand what is causing your new pet. It is possible that the word will pop up in your mind in the first place and would be the perfect name for the snail.
как назвать животное
If you don't want to ponder over the name for the snails, you can just call it a Snail. In the end, respond to own name, she still won't.