In warm months the apartment gets hot, and urban residents gladly open window, enjoying the Sunny days. Domestic cats love to sit near the Windows and observe what is happening outside the apartment. Unfortunately, living with people cute whiskered animals, there is no fear of falling from a height, because they don't have to face in everyday life with the need to descend from a distance of more than 2 meters. At the same time, the hunting instinct in domestic cats is extremely strong and they can blithely jump out of the window, trying to reach the birds or butterflies.

The cat fell out of the window: first the actions of the owner

If a cat owner is still not followed, and the cat fell out the window, it is urgent to take her to the vet. For a maximum of two hours after the fall, in most cases, the life of a cat can still be saved. If there is a suspicion that the pet can be broken limbs or spine, that in no case do not need to put it in your bag or carrier. You should as carefully as possible, without changing the position of the animal's body, place it on a flat solid horizontal surface, for example, wide plank, covered with a blanket – and so to take to the vet.

если кот линяет что делать

If the cat is injured and there is an open bleeding, must be treated with any disinfectant and apply over the wound a tourniquet – if the wound is on a limb, of course. After that, immediately bring the animal to the doctor. Even if visible damage from the cat's and she looks just a little frightened, she might have injuries of internal organs – to exclude any pathology is possible only through examination by an experienced veterinarian.

чтобы кошка не гуляла с котами препараты

The most dangerous injuries in cats who fell out the window

линяют ежи

Often the animal that fell out the window, gets bruises and fractures – often broken front legs and spine. The main danger is that when you receive multiple injuries, the cat is experiencing a traumatic shock, which may result in its immediate destruction. In many cases the consequence of the fall of the cats from the height difference becomes the top of the sky. As a result, the message between the oral cavity and the nose of the cat that you want to sew.

кошке не родит что делать

If the bladder of a cat who fell out of a window were filled, he can burst from hitting the ground. The result is peritonitis and rapid death of the animal from intoxication by products of nitrogen metabolism.

кошка просит кота

In any case, the responsibility for the safety of the cats lies entirely with its owners. Please take care to install the window a solid mesh or not to open the Windows at all, if they don't want to be the perpetrators of the painful death of your pet.