Typically, the rotation is used to improve the process. For example, in chemistry, rotation – stirring the ingredients in the vessel, the volume leads to their better interaction with each other. Rotation - turnover crops in agriculture has contributed to the enrichment of the soil, leading to increased productivity.
Rotation of power means the replacement of one party to another, who won the election. However, the use of "rotation" is the rotation of personnel and rotation of products. Rotation of products means the replacement of obsolete products to new. This replacement takes place quarterly in chain stores, and in supermarkets is an everyday process.
The turnover of staff, moving them from place to place, usamusement one member of the team to others, allows employees to learn new functions, to expand the experience. Typically, the rotation of personnel occurs within your organization. Thus workers can change as the work place (spatial), and specialty. It is believed that such movement of the frames enhances the motivation of employees, which allows to increase productivity, the emergence of new ideas, attracting new contacts.
This process in one community may be irretrievable and the ring. When the annular rotation stages staff are all professional positions and return to the original. It helps to better understand the production process and to achieve interchangeability. Permanent rotation involves the movement of staff without the resumption of professional duties, which gives the possibility of choosing the best candidate for this place.
Very often on the radio talk about the rotation of songs in the world or local charts. This means moving songs from one place to other, with the bottom row to the top or Vice versa.
Often this word is used in the context of optimization of Internet resources. In particular, the rotation of banners, allows to increase the percentage of their use and conversion into cash.

In medicine rotation is used to indicate the mobility of joints, rotation around their longitudinal axis.