To the question, why do men shave their armpits, it's best to meet women. The beautiful half of humanity like when near them neat well-groomed guy. The lack of vegetation armpits is aesthetically pleasing. On the beach the body of a man is a wonderful sculpture, not the reason for the whispering behind my back.
Based on the basic concepts of hygiene, it is possible to answer for themselves, a man needs to shave her pits. In the winter, perhaps, the hair in this area will not cause much discomfort. But in hot weather, when sweat flows from his armpits, there is a desire to take the machine and be done with it. Besides, excessive sweating spoils the appearance of things – colored fabrics fade, the white turn yellow. This picture instantly distorts the overall impression of communicating with a nice guy.
Why men shave their armpits if he wears open shirts and use deodorant? But at least for reasons of economy. For shaved armpits requires a much smaller amount of deodorant than hairy. Of course, those who are so dear to the vegetation in the area, not worth anything just buy a new tube of deodorant. But worth thinking about others girls. The presence beside sweating profusely hairy man – not the most pleasant pastime.
The logical question is - how man shave their armpits if the vegetation in this place above the norm? Those who have never done this, you will need detailed instructions. You first need to take a shower, carefully wash the remnants of the deodorant and perspiration.
Then you need to lift one hand, having the elbow bent behind the head, this pose allows you to see your armpit. However, beginners can shave in front of a mirror.
Now we need to soften the hair and protect the skin from cuts. There is useful regular foam for shaving with cooling effect.
Shaving armpits it is better to use the women's press. It is equipped with slippery moisturizing pads, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the skin. Shaving is carried out first on hair growth, i.e. up against and then down.
Do not have to shave their armpits regularly. You can do it only in the summer or as needed. Unlike women, men are allowed a little "stubble" in this area. Besides men, is not characterized by hairiness, can even do without this procedure. After all, many women love light down on the body of a loved one, which they associate with masculinity.