You will need
  • - the spray gun;
  • - a damp cloth;
  • - colourless cream;
  • arms;
  • newspaper or special shapes for shoes.
Imitation leather or faux leather is made of a monolithic or porous PVC on cotton or polyester knitted base. If you have smashed the product from this material, stroke it to the inside of the iron with a temperature of 30 degrees.
Another way without using an iron. Spray spray the inside of the product, hang on a hanger, the maximum spreading thing. During the day the product is completely smooth.
If wrinkled faux leather on the sofa or a chair, soak a sheet, wring in a washing machine at 1000 rpm, carefully cover the furniture, after drying, the sheets moisturize it with a spray gun. Do not use for smoothing faux leather too wet sheets, the padding will spot, the top layer can start to do layers. Also never ironed the top layer of faux leather with an iron, even with the use of fabric, Ironing is only allowed basis and at a very low temperature.
If you incorrectly stored the shoes in faux leather, wipe it with a damp cloth, stuff with old Newspapers or cloth to shape, brush colorless cream, set away from heating appliances. After 24 hours again, brush the Shoe cream. Under the influence of emollients and forced straightening all of the shoes will take its normal form, wrinkled skin smoothed.
No more ways smooth faux leather does not exist. You don't have to spend extra time smoothing products, store them correctly. After a season of wear, wipe the leather with a damp soft cloth, let it dry under a canopy, brush colorless cream. Top clothes hang on a hanger and place in a spacious place, do not hang artificial skin is tight, it should hang freely. Shoes wash, air dry away from heat, brush with cream, tight stuff it with old Newspapers or cloth and put on the shelf.