You will need
  • friends.
Consider carefully your room. Surely you will see litter, dirty floors, dusty shelves, leftover food, unwashed cups. Let this picture will disgust you. Imagine how many dust mites you breathe every minute together with which you have accumulated dirt. Call the desire to get rid of the environment that is so harmful to your health. Think also about the fact that such a situation is unacceptable for a person who respects himself.
In the cleaning day, try to sleep well and not leave it for the night. Do not set a large task at one time to fully clean up the room will not be easy. Schedule a minimum: for example, just to lay things on the ground and vacuumed. The relative sense of order will arise after the job. It is possible that you will want to clean the floor and wipe the dust to "picture" was complete.
Invite to an evening with friends. Such an occasion will make the cleaning in the room necessary. It's possible that, waiting for guests, you will act even faster, and even have time to prepare snacks. And to hear the compliments friends about the cleanliness of the room will be much nicer.
Get yourself a "reward" for cleaning. It could be a trip to the coffee shop, and a piece of lovely cake in the company of loved ones. After an evening walk back in the clean room will be much nicer. Or plan a home Spa treatment: bath with fragrant foam, scrubs, masks. After these procedures you will feel real bliss, stepping feet on the freshly scrubbed floor and lying in a clean bed.