Remember, clutter does not come from nothing, you create it around yourself. The longer you drag out the cleaning, the harder it is to convince yourself to stop being lazy and finally get out.
To maintain order is always easier than creating it every time from scratch. Take every day for 10 minutes to wash the floor, you will spend on it during the week a total of 50 minutes. Holding a rag in the end of the week, you will kill the same 50 minutes, but the only difference is that in our every day floor is always clean and washable on the weekends only once a week. Wiping the floor fast, you get tired-I won't have time, but the hour waving a rag totally exhausted you and nothing else you can do.
If you find it difficult to get out for herself, often invite guests. You will have a great incentive to maintain order, at the same time you will gain glory from the kind hostess and good friends.
There is a belief that the mess in the house destroys the inner harmony of man. Clean the apartment, take a clean space look, listen to your inner feelings. They like you, so why not experience them often? Everything is in your hands.
Think of a reward for cleaning. Cleaning, you'll be pretty hard to move, allow yourself a piece of cake as a reward for the work, figure it can't hurt, but the stimulus can be beautiful.
If you are not one of the fans-General clean, make yourself a timer for 15 minutes, make the apartment exactly how many cases will fit into this time period, after which you can sit down to relax at the computer or TV. But also with a timer! Alternating work with rest, you not only get tired but you have time to redo a lot of cases.