The house looks like a dump characterizes a person not with the best hand, and certainly not conducive to a good mood. Some may feel that to always support your home to clean and look after themselves is difficult. At first it may be so, but subsequently much more difficult to deal with endless trash, wasting his own energy and nerves.But, fortunately, it's never too late to fix it But do not hurry. To solve the problem of impropriety should be gradual, taking it to the root. No wonder there is a saying: "What is the house – like the master." A clean house comes from the owner, so bringing your home in order is, first of all, bringing order to himself.
Unwashed hands before eating and after eating, walking around the house in street shoes, where scattered clothing and other adverse features require attention. They should be immediately stopped, until such time as will not disappear completely. In parallel, it is useful to cultivate good habits, which will contribute to the maintenance of order within the home. Enough to schedule tasks for the day. For example, sweep the floor, shake out blankets on the balcony, wipe the dust from the furniture. Simple, in General, the procedures, the list is updated every week/month. Gradually, their implementation becomes a natural process.
You need to pay attention to how you look yourself. Personal hygiene is not in last place. People who aren't able to maintain the purity of his body, not able to contain it in a tidy manner and their homes. Teeth should be cleaned twice a day (can be more). Visit bath for a thorough cleaning is carried out not less than once in three days (if it's not a hot summer).
Closet, certainly, the thing that should be taken seriously. From its state depends largely on the appearance of the owner. Of course, clutter in the wardrobe it is impossible to see without opening it, but have to do it often. Rummaging through the multicolored tangle of clothing trying to find the right shirt or pants it is unlikely that someone will enjoy. Convenient and pleasant arrangement of the closet involves sorting clothes on the shelves. Each shelf has a certain type of clothing. First and foremost, outerwear should be stored separately from the bottom, then it itself can be split and sort partitions: easy one, warm in another, etc. Binding of the hanger, without them pants, shirts and jackets will always be wrinkled, which means they will require treatment with iron whenever they will need.
And, of course, Laundry. It is impossible to look good in dirty clothes, she must always be clean and fresh. The same is true for shoes.
Implementation of the above tips will allow you to create the Foundation that will eventually make a neat Sluts or at least bring it with some accuracy. For additional stimulation of self-education is not superfluous to resort to the method of rewards and punishments (carrot and stick). It is widely used for children but also for adults.