Plan cleaning first you need to develop a plan for cleaning the apartment. As in any other activity, planning is organizing the human and reduces the time to a minimum. There are a few main effective clean-up of the apartment. Let's look at each of them. 1. General cleaning. It will have to sacrifice a whole day of your life. Buy the necessary cleaning products, sponges and brushes. Start with washing the Windows and cleaning furniture. Then you can dust and Polish furniture. The last step in cleaning is washing the floors. It is desirable to add water to the powder to eliminate odors is better to clean the surface of the floor. Unable to connect to the General cleaning of the entire family. For incentive you can offer to anyone after a cleaning to go to the cafe or cinema. This is a good reason to quickly finish cleaning. 2. Phased cleaning. Suitable for people who come back late from work and have a minimum of free time. On this cleaning takes an average of 15-30 minutes a day, and the result will not keep itself waiting. In a staged cleaning is necessary to restore order in turn in each room, or to devote time to a specific activity, for example, washing floors or folding things in the closet. How to keep order? It seems like yesterday we cleaned out his room, and today it is again like after the RAID of the monkeys. What should I do? As a "creative disorder" to convert to "linear orderliness"? First and foremost, try not to make a mess. This simple advice will help avoid confusion. If you see that thing is not in place, do not be lazy to take it to where it should be. Don't wait for General cleaning. Thus, it will be easier to keep clean throughout the day. Teach your children to put their toys in place and clean up after themselves after eating. Soon you will notice that it is convenient and comfortable. Try to organize a life in such a way that the need for frequent cleaning has disappeared by itself.