Keeping housing clean and tidy, we create our own health and well-being. These are not empty words – garbage in the house extremely negative impact on the health of people living there, and spreading stupid things often leads to their deterioration, and then things have to be bought again.

How to provide housing in order

To achieve order in the housing, for each thing or group of things needs to be defined a constant, whether it's outerwear or day before yesterday's newspaper. Family members must clean up after yourself – wipe off the table or wash the mug can even preschoolers.

Washing the dishes is necessary immediately after eating, shoes to be put in place as soon as you go in the apartment. Develop these simple habits at home and teach them household. Make a to-do list for tomorrow and try to stick to the plan. Joint cleanups, which involved the whole family, helps to develop stronger reflex of cleanliness in housing.

The scope of activities during the harvest should be divided between family members. Should be specified the opportunity to help each other out or replaced. In advance, make a harvesting plan and assigns responsibilities. Each stage of work should be brought to its logical conclusion, do not throw the case at the half and not go to another class.

How to explain to family members that to maintain order we must all together

If you really want to achieve order in the house, perhaps the most difficult step is to convince it and other members of the family. In the house where there are children of preschool age, things in their proper places only when you have the lucky and the whole brood were taken by the relatives to visit. But with children and you have to start, because more adult members of the family to organize is usually much easier.

Remember that when you pick up your room" children often get lost, not knowing what exactly you want from them. You will need to be cleaned together with them to let them know what you need. In the future they will be able to handle yourself, you will need to provide General guidance.

Very useful to teach home owners to do a little cleaning before bed. At the same time everyone must prepare things in the morning to ten minutes before not to rush through the apartment, looking for important documents or diary. Removing bedtime toys, you can make the morning less chaotic, and training all things home accustoms to accuracy.