You will need
  • Plants, tweezers, encyclopedia of water plants, salt
After you have bought underwater plants, it is desirable to open the encyclopedia and see which one loves the light, and some like to grow in the shade. Light-loving plants should be planted under the light. Also see what size reach your plants – large shrubs it is better to remove the background or sit at the side walls of the aquarium.
Before planting the plants it is best to disinfect – it will protect the other inhabitants of the aquarium from unwanted consequences. For this make a solution of salt (take one teaspoon of salt per liter of water) and rinse the plants in the resulting solution.
Fill the tank with water by about one third. Now pick up the tweezers and plant. Holding it by the stem with tweezers, gently insert the stem into the sand.
Plants of the same species to plant together, so they will not interfere with each other to grow. So put your cabomba Aquatica in one side and let it grow anubias in another corner.
Now when the plants are planted in the ground, fill the tank with water fully and put it on the water surface floating plants. If you want to put them in a certain area of the aquarium attach to glass walls, suction cups and stretch nylon thread – the plants will not float away.