Advice 1: What to give dad for birthday

Birthday – a great excuse to please a loved one. But the problem of choosing a gift has always existed. She is now particularly acute due to the fact that anyone can buy almost everything. But if you want an original gift, you can find any person, including a representative of the older generation.
Spectacular set of useful things - a great gift for men of any age

Gift collector

If your dad has a strong passion for, it will greatly facilitate the search for gift. Maybe it's something he collects, can't live without hunting or fishing, constantly equips anything in the country? If he is a passionate collector, try tactfully to find out what object is missing in his collection. To make it better in advance, the object may be such that collect the money have all together. But it is possible to buy such a coveted collector's item you can and do. If you are not well versed in the hobby of your father, can give him something that is associated with a collection of albums for stamps or postcards, for example.

Tools and techniques

A great gift to someone who constantly equips with modern conveniences the cottage, or tinkering with the car, may be a set of tools. Select a good set of quality material. Better if it is from a reputable manufacturer. Such a gift a true master will be remembered for a long time. You can choose a universal gift. Modern technology will fit and avid fly-fisherman, motorist and the man who it seems does not seriously enthusiastic. Tablet, a good mobile phone with Internet access, camera, video camera, BookReader, photo frame, etc. The choice depends on that modern technology your father has already mastered. If he is just beginning to join the modern technologies, start with something simple. Fit a camera or a device for reading books. Advanced user it is possible to give something more impressive – the latest model of tablet, for example.

Travel - and why not?

You can get dad and exciting journey. Select a reliable tour operator, will buy a ticket for two. Where exactly depends on how much dad loves whether it is a relaxing break or prefer during the holidays to change the place. Even with very limited resources, you can find a suitable tour to interesting places in Russia or send parents for a month in Belarus, especially as all the necessary travel documents does your daddy have.

Universal gifts and what to give is not necessary

Traditional gifts for men – good booze. It is desirable that it was really rare that cannot be found on the shelves of supermarkets. However, the fit and fine teas, rare grade coffee. Clothes to give for a birthday not worth it. You can choose a different case. But if you are well knit and have a birthday to tie a beautiful sweater – it will be a wonderful gift, especially because hand made things are now in great fashion.

Advice 2: What to give for father's Day

15 Jun 2014 will the first large-scale celebration of father's Day. On this day, dads will be pleased to receive gifts from their children. If the child is still small, he can not do without the help and ideas mother.
What to give for father's Day

The baby is actively or passively of any age can participate in the preparation of the gift for dad. Here are a few ideas of what to give for father's Day:

1. Postcard or painting with imprints of the hands and feet of the child. Spread the palm or foot of the baby finger paints, and attach a sheet of paper. If you want to make a card, fold a sheet of paper in half and make a mark on the outside, and inside write the kind words on behalf of your child. For example: "dearest daddy, you're changing my diapers." To create a picture you can attach the arms and legs of the child to the paper or cardboard several times to get a certain composition.

2. Clothing. The easiest way to find in the stores the same Polo or t-shirts for dad and son. If you have a daughter, buy clothes with neutral colors (e.g., green).

3. Fotoprint. Baby pictures or baby daddy can be put on a t-shirt, mug, calendar, pen or magnet. Also for the selected item, in addition to pictures to put cute or funny inscription on the Pope.

4. Collage. From your favorite photos you can create photo collage and get it framed. Also interesting video about dad and baby easy to make a movie, put the appropriate music and text.

Advice 3: What to give dad on February 23

In addition to her husband, or a young man in a girl's life there is one important to her man – her father. So on the eve of February 23 all decent daughters are scratching their heads over what to give their dadshow to make the gift was unusual and pleased the recipient.
What to give dad on February 23
The easiest way to deal with fathers who have a hobby. Then your dad probably had told you how he needs a new lure, a useful gadget for the computer or what model of plane is missing in his collection. So why not surprise a loved one with the fact that he really wants to. If you absolutely do not understand the Hobbies of your father and can't tell a screwdriver from a screwdriver, go to the store with dad. It will be much better than wasted money on the wrong thing.
Surely your dad was in the army with nostalgia and fond memories of military service and combat comrades. As of February 23, the still the defenders of the Fatherland Day, give dad something associated with his service: helmet - tanker vest - marine, rubber boots with a grunt. The gift may not be too useful on the farm, but will make dad smile.
It is not true that men rejoice donated socks and shaving foam. Men are big children, and fathers are no exception to this rule, no matter how many years they were not. Most dads will be happy with the binoculars, the compass, a good pocket knife.
On a holiday you can indulge little weaknesses of your loved ones. A great gift would be a bottle of good liquor – brandy or whiskey. You can also give a flask – army or, on the contrary, silver with the state symbols. Smoking fathers as a gift to a comfortable fit petrol lighter and cigarette case.
In childhood you were told that the best gift for parents is made by hand. This Board is quite suitable for girls who engaged in hand-made and quite gifted in this matter. If you hated in school lessons, for jokes you can add the portrait of Pope your execution to the main gift, and then with his father to laugh at art.
Useful advice
Choosing a gift for dad, remember that for any parent the nice thing is that the daughter does not forget him, and no matter blue or red "Parker," you choose him in the end.

Advice 4: What to give a girl a birthday in 2 years

A gift for a little girl must choose in accordance with two important criteria: a surprise should bring to the child joy, but also to contribute to its development. During the search of a present should not be guided only by price, because the high cost of toys does not guarantee its quality and potential use for the baby.
What to give a girl a birthday in 2 years

For year-old child is characterized first and foremost subject-manipulative activity, active kids copy the behavior of adults (wash floors and dishes, wash, his mom and turn the steering wheel of the car, imitating dad). A great gift for girls of this age will be a variety of play sets, for example, a truck with products, stroller for dolls, toy dishes large enough size, convenience store, Ironing Board, maid set and toy appliances.

Great gifts that will develop the creativity of the birthday girl are desktop drawing Board, finger paints, clay, intended for children of early age. Lessons with these materials to develop fine motor skills and imagination of kids, and improve their color perception. In addition, drawing and modeling lead to the indescribable joy and create perfect mood.

Two girls and boys experience a genuine interest in home or finger puppet theatre, and various Board games-liners, the hook-closure, large mosaic cubes and the game designers for toddlers. Lessons with these items a well-trained coordination of movements help the child to coordinate hands and eyes, and develop fine motor skills, improving their memory and attention, improve it.

Safe bet would be a gift oversized toy: game center looks like a house or castle, slides, swings, car-vans for girls. When choosing a present, keep in mind the seasonality, so for the baby born in the spring or summer you can pick up a tricycle, inflatable pool, playsets for the sandbox; for a girl born in the cold season – sleds or cheesecake for skiing the mountains.

Advice 5: What to give to her father on the anniversary

In celebration of the birth parents you probably want to give them a good and worthwhile gifts. Especially it is necessary to reflect on the gift if the father celebrates round date – the anniversary, because gift does not have to be a simple unnecessary trinket, he should Express your attitude to the parent, warmth and attention, as well as to be solemn and desirable.
What to give to her father on the anniversary

How to choose gift for father on his birthday

To choose a gift for father is based on his preferences and Hobbies. So, if your father is an avid angler or Amateur hunting, good gift options for him will be the accessories that can be useful to him in his hobby. For example, it may be a rod or spinning, inflatable rubber boat, backpack, tent, lanterns, compass, cooking pot on the fire, sets for cutting fish, hunting rifles and much more. Fishermen and hunting enthusiasts can always use knives. Purchase as a gift the celebrant a beautiful dagger with an engraving. However, there is a legend according to which it is forbidden to bring a gift of any knives, so to avoid any trouble, you can ask the father for in return for such a gift is a token fee in the form of coins.

If your dad loves to travel, gave him a sleeping bag or thermos if he's a gardener-gardener or Amateur to fix something, give this right on the farm a lawn mower, a set of tools for repair and construction or just a good BBQ set with skewers.
You can give snow removal equipment to facilitate the father's work in the winter (of course, if daddy lives somewhere outside the city or in the private sector).

Several options of gifts for dad in his birthday

If your dads car, you can look out for him gifts related to the automotive industry. Their selection is very diverse. It can be covers for the car seats, video recorders, vacuum cleaners, fans, navigators, car radio, car TV, various travel kits and more.

Do not forget about these common gifts, brandy long-term exposure with a personalized label or label, dedicated to your celebrant. The inscription might be: "world's Best dad!", "Over the years, the cognac gets better, just like my dad!" or any other. It all depends on your own imagination.
Brandy you can make a gift set of bottle and glasses of cognac made of silver.

Order the professional to write my dad's portrait, with the image of the whole family, or treat cake, again, with the image of your precious birthday.

Original gift will be beautifully decorated the genealogical book your family where the father is the ancestor of the whole family tree, a medal or a Cup with various greeting labels will be a great addition to surprise.

Surely to your beloved father's anniversary is an important event, so for the upcoming holiday and gift choice should be approached responsibly.

Advice 6: What to give a child 4 years old birthday

When choosing a gift, first you need to take into account the preferences of the baby. For example, the young fashionista to give a set of beauty, whereas the man on the radio.
what should be the gift 4-year-old kid?
Time is running fast, the parents themselves sometimes don't notice that one birthday after the other, and now the favorite son or daughter for 4 years. Head on what to give a child 4 years old birthday, begin to break and the parents and numerous guests. So what gift is the best?

Gift for boy

It is no secret that all the boys are crazy about cars. Of course, in the house where there lives the future the man and the defender is full of them, so you can try to surprise the birthday boy set of collectable cars or motorcycles. At this age, as it is impossible by the way will be developing themed games – a track with race cars you can control with a friend or dad, a railroad and all sorts of underground garages, the floors of which are connected to winding tracks. The market today, you can find an interactive rugs, printed on them roads, buildings and pedestrian walkways - this gift 4 year old birthday boy will be very happy.

What do you get for the boy 4 years old birthday? Any Board game – hockey, football, Billiards and so on. You can buy a kids traffic light, which will teach your child the rules of the road. Do not forget about things that were and will be always in the price, regardless of the sex of the child: books, roller skates, sled, bike, helmet, protection and the like.

Gift for girls

What to give a girl 4 years on your birthday? It is believed that the best gift for girls a doll is. This is certainly true, but you can give a special wheelchair for her, a crib, a house, clothing and all kinds of accessories. At this age can be very useful to have the utensils and appliances – microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, cashier checks and money, a washing machine and other household items, developing economic skills girls. Special sets for beauty will appreciate any fashionista and Princess, we are talking about a set of children's cosmetics, all kinds of barrettes, ribbons, hair ornaments, handbags and bracelets.

Kids of both genders will be delighted by the gift of an animal – a kitten, hamster, puppy, or fish, unless, of course, was a preliminary agreement with the parents. The boy and girl to bring in the birthday in the entertainment center or invite animators.

You should think about the possibility of going to the zoo, Park, Museum, cafe, planetarium and so forth. If your child has a craving for medicine, you can give a special kit if painting easel with paints. Clay and various designers will also be relevant as a special children's computer with educational games, alphabet and counting.
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