Gift collector

If your dad has a strong passion for, it will greatly facilitate the search for gift. Maybe it's something he collects, can't live without hunting or fishing, constantly equips anything in the country? If he is a passionate collector, try tactfully to find out what object is missing in his collection. To make it better in advance, the object may be such that collect the money have all together. But it is possible to buy such a coveted collector's item you can and do. If you are not well versed in the hobby of your father, can give him something that is associated with a collection of albums for stamps or postcards, for example.

Tools and techniques

A great gift to someone who constantly equips with modern conveniences the cottage, or tinkering with the car, may be a set of tools. Select a good set of quality material. Better if it is from a reputable manufacturer. Such a gift a true master will be remembered for a long time. You can choose a universal gift. Modern technology will fit and avid fly-fisherman, motorist and the man who it seems does not seriously enthusiastic. Tablet, a good mobile phone with Internet access, camera, video camera, BookReader, photo frame, etc. The choice depends on that modern technology your father has already mastered. If he is just beginning to join the modern technologies, start with something simple. Fit a camera or a device for reading books. Advanced user it is possible to give something more impressive – the latest model of tablet, for example.

Travel - and why not?

You can get dad and exciting journey. Select a reliable tour operator, will buy a ticket for two. Where exactly depends on how much dad loves whether it is a relaxing break or prefer during the holidays to change the place. Even with very limited resources, you can find a suitable tour to interesting places in Russia or send parents for a month in Belarus, especially as all the necessary travel documents does your daddy have.

Universal gifts and what to give is not necessary

Traditional gifts for men – good booze. It is desirable that it was really rare that cannot be found on the shelves of supermarkets. However, the fit and fine teas, rare grade coffee. Clothes to give for a birthday not worth it. You can choose a different case. But if you are well knit and have a birthday to tie a beautiful sweater – it will be a wonderful gift, especially because hand made things are now in great fashion.