Gifts for 60th birthday from the heart

The best gift for men 60 years of age can become a beautifully decorated photo album or even a photo box. At this age already may accumulate many different photos, and with such a gift they can be expanded for significant events or dates.
Also in this album to put pictures of all the friends, relatives, children and even grandchildren.

Another original gift can serve as a beautiful panel, but it is desirable that it be strictly decorated in a masculine style. As panels can be a model of a firearm or a kind of dagger. You can give a sword that perfectly fit into the interior living room or study and thereby accentuate the masculinity of the celebrant.

For a man who is well versed in wine, you can make a gift in the form of a fine cognac or vintage wines. This gift he will be able to perfectly complement their reserves and will remember you at every meal.

For the true lover of good tobacco can be purchased in the gift set Cuban or any other expensive cigars that need to be put in a special chest.
At every puff of this cigar, the celebrant will certainly admire your gift.

Gifts in tribute of sixty men

For men exactly such an old age the perfect gift can be a set of games, such as checkers, chess, dominos, monopoly, bingo or backgammon. Even better, these sets will be nominal, because most men of this age now begins a carefree life, they often spend time at home.

Also as a gift can be a mini-pool, which is easy to play at home. But if you have such a gift to Supplement a named cue, he is sure to be unforgettable. In addition to Billiards, there is also table tennis, which is perfect as a gift for the birthday boy, who is trying to keep yourself in good physical shape. The rackets also you can make some commemorative inscription, which will delight the celebrant.

For lovers of the animal world can give a beautiful aquarium, which will decorate not only the interior of the room, but also give him a kind of zest in life. Because fish have to take care of, thus the man will feel the meaning of life and is constantly busy.