Gifts that will be relevant for the men of this age, can be divided into a practical and pleasant gift.

Practical gifts

Undoubtedly, you should start with the fact that men in 70 years, as a rule, do not work, and when you have free time, they often love to spend hours in the garage or at the cottage, doing various types of repair. In this regard, the tool set is a perfect gift shopping grandfather.

If your anniversary is noted in a certain domesticity, donated a rocking chair can add to its life of comfort and peace. For the same type of men will be a good gift quality Bathrobe.

In that case, if the celebrant is giving or machine (or both), a wonderful and useful gift will be a small sink. Believe me, he once again mentally thank you for such a gift.
If the hero of the day, despite their age, are not indifferent to Smoking, he will love donated a beautiful exclusive tube or Cuban cigars.

Simply nice gifts

A solid 70-year-old man will like the gift in the form of a silver flask with appropriate engraving. Such a gift will not be forgotten and will leave a pleasant trace in the memory. If the celebrant is not indifferent to chess, you can buy him a chess set handmade. So you respecting the tastes of the celebrant, and show their uniqueness. In addition, men who spend all their free time at home, can be useful for Board games such as chess, backgammon, Billiards, poker, checkers and other.
However, if you decide to give a retiree a set of "Monopoly" or "monopoly", you have to consider the fact that the celebrant may find it difficult to use them due to age-related vision problems.

Not bad enough will be donated to the portrait. Currently will not be a huge work to find someone who will do it with any photo. In that case, if you want to come to the gift selection with a touch of humor, you can book the birthday gift good a cartoon.

If you are familiar in the graphics program, you will be able with their hands to make a unique gift. Pitch a kind of chronicle of life of the celebrant (in the form of a book or newspaper, whichever you prefer). Gather photos, create to them of the description, not the wishes of old friends and relatives. You can still buy a good photo album bound in leather, because old people like to periodically leaf through the pages of its past, and with this album, this process will become even more enjoyable.