Family values

Men after 50 years to truly appreciate the importance of family. Career takes a back seat, so close in birthday's will be a great gift.

Give the man on the 60th anniversary of the album with family photos. It can be done using the textile. Parts made with their own hands, will give a private gift.

A small gift, such as glasses with photos, warm clothes and Souvenirs, can be a wonderful addition to the gift with a family theme.

Professional gifts

Most men at age 60 retire. So the anniversary should be a feature that separates work life and retirement. Colleagues and friends can give the man on the 60th anniversary memorabilia reminiscent about his achievements in work. Ideally, if the gift will combine work and hobby. For example, the martial arts fan you can present a samurai sword engraved. The inscription will contain words of gratitude to the recipient for years of service and successful work.

Gifts, emphasizing the interest in certain occupations, will be to his liking. For example, a very keen fisherman will be delighted with the professional of spinning, and the photographer will be happy with the new lens.

Universal gifts

If you think that the celebrant already have everything, or know its bad taste, choose generic gifts. 60 years people start to appreciate the quality of things. Therefore, the rocking chair from first-class wood fit a man for cozy evenings with the family. Painting of a famous artist can decorate the interior of the house of the celebrant. Bag made of genuine leather will be useful for your everyday needs.

Unusual surprises

There is a possibility that the celebrant is experiencing some discontent with his birthday. It is possible that in 60 years he will start to show age crisis. After all, this is an important stage of transition to retirement, which is not all ready. To lighten the mood is all a surprise for the holiday.

Organize on the anniversary of the evening in a cafe. You can invite a toastmaster, to discuss the program, write warm wishes in advance. Do not overdo it with idleness, because people can be a humble introvert.

Gift for 60th birthday can be an exotic. Gave him a ticket to the warm countries, where he can reflect on the new life stage, gain strength, improve health and mood. For intellectuals more appropriate place in European countries, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the architecture and romance of an outdoor cafe.