Advice 1: How to congratulate the Pope on anniversary

Dad can protect you from childhood. Is it comforting so as not to be able to comfort one another, he will come to the rescue, regardless of the circumstances. And in its anniversary dad worthy of the best and most interesting works and congratulations.
How to congratulate the Pope on anniversary

Greetings to the Pope from all family members

If you the desire of your heart become the organizer of the celebration, you should consider how you will pass your congratulations to a loved parent. In advance will include in the scenario the performance of all children. Of course, they must be the most heartfelt and sincere, so it's best to gather the whole family and think about the number of each speaker.

Be sure to include in the list of greetings humorous moments, let them be a surprise. It could be episodes from the life of the father, which no one knows except closest family members. In addition, the festival can be submitted scenes from your childhood in which dad was still young and inexperienced.

Try to make so that congratulation is remembered not only for the celebrant but also to all present. Usually the guests are well accepted poems, so try to write all my home team something very funny and at the same time good.

If you yourself lack imagination, redo some famous work, and if it is a costume show, it'll never forget! In extreme cases, greeting text you can always find on the Internet. During the ceremonial speeches you have to convey to its parent that it for you are still young and need.

Greetings to the Pope from you personally

It also happens that you are one child in the family. In this case, to prepare a greeting to the Pope on the anniversary even more enjoyable and easier. Start with a gift. Let it not be formulaic. You need to know about your father: his tastes, preferences and desires. Try to give a gift that the birthday boy will be delighted.

Remember that flowers are also a great gift for the celebrant-men, especially if this loved one. Away the stereotypes! Surely the florist will tell you that of the gladioli, roses, chrysanthemums and tulips can make a great masculine bouquet.

But the heart still has to be your verbal greeting. It is best to create it, you can even poetic. In any case, it should be words from the heart, warm and sincere. Rehearse in advance so that during a speech before the guests did not have any misfires and had no excitement.

Creative people will make the newspaper in explanation of family pictures. In addition, you can attach to them the original captions, then the joy of the jubilee is provided.

Let the celebration of your dear person will be the day of his veneration. Get dad a fun and be sure to tell him about how he dear to you.

Advice 2 : How to congratulate your father happy birthday

On the Day of birth of the native and favourite person I want to come up with something special. Original greeting, of course, to be remembered. But the surprise for the father should be prepared such that positive emotions on the holiday appeared as much as possible.
How to congratulate your father happy birthday
You will need
  • -Internet;
  • money.
  • -flowers.
Day gift birthday dad choose to heed his wishes, tastes and habits. Best thing to do is not the last day. Shopping, browse Internet pages and find something special and original. The choice of gift entirely depends on the preferences of the person. If your father is a man of pragmatic, choose a useful gift. If he has a hobby, it is worth spending time and money to complete your collection of unusual specimen or to present to the father the rod of the newest model.
Perhaps your father is a kind, creative and romantic. Then the perfect gift would be tickets to the theater or to a concert. Obviously, you should give them in advance to the Day of the birth of the hero of the occasion held in a creative atmosphere. For someone who works a lot, as a gift fit for the trip to the rest home.
When giving a gift try to say those words that will assure father in your feelings for him. It is possible that the greetings will be more appropriate not well-known poems, and several proposals prepared for the Pope. It is not necessary to do a distinct focus on how many years the hero of the occasion. After all the fun and celebration is not the place for reflections on age and fast period of time.
Prepare a bouquet specially for dad. Children can opt for colors that will "speak" about certain things. Maybe these flowers you remember from childhood. And maybe a bouquet of wild plants will remind the father about how he took kids on trips into the countryside.
If the father lives very far away, don't forget to call him on the Day of the birth as soon as possible that he felt about him, remember and think. But it is best to still try to come to the Pope, after the visit of the children has always been and remains for parents the best gift.
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