Due to the fact that all people are different, the gifts should also be different, especially the difference between a gift that will delight women and men.

10 best gifts for women

In 10th place is conveniently located all kinds of sweets. This is understandable, because almost all women do have a sweet tooth. Especially will appreciate the gift that was made specifically demonstrated by an inscription from the donor.

9th place- flowers and more flowers. Time-honoured gift, especially when not yet decided on a major surprise.
Just "flunk" a woman flowers, and she will feel happy.

8th place is occupied by the jewelry, not the jewelry. Original and beautiful jewelry will be pleasant to any girl and woman.

7th place- all kinds of Souvenirs. For kitchen, vanity or just a soft toy will not leave indifferent any woman and will be placed in the most prominent place.

The dream of many women - clothes, shoes or accessories, but not simple, and those that she can not afford and dreaming about them.

At the 5th place perfumes, which will help to create the woman's unique image.

Appliances and gadgets is located at the 4th place ranking gifts. And everything here is understandable, because everyone wants to live comfortably.

3rd place is leading to a frenzy of men in jewels and a fur coat. Even psychologists find it difficult to answer the question of why these two attributes for women are a symbol of prosperity and true love of men.

Travel, trips and tours took 2nd place. It is especially nice when a loved one is near.

Well, in 1st place-a house (flat) or machine – a truly Royal gift for the Queen.

10 best gifts for men

Like men, nor strutted that "rags" they will be surprised and will not entice, and yet the clothes in the list of gifts they have in the 1st place. This is understandable, because everyone wants to look good.

In 2nd place is the essential thing that may once again emphasize the status of the owner – this wrist watch.

3rd place is a universal gift – perfume. To choose and hard to please, but if you guess, once again able to emphasize its uniqueness.

Hobby is located on the 4th place. Is any gift that is somehow connected with the passion of men.
Rod, ball, chess, a book... Yes, anything, just need to know his preferences.

A solid wallet is a good gift, which not only occupies the 5th place, but will please any man.

Strangely enough, but men are also romantic and sentimental, and at the 6th place they are all kinds of Souvenirs. But the preference is better to give the figurines, they are particularly susceptible, and for the office, this gift is perfect.

If a man has a car, consider the problem solved with a gift. It can be anything, just walked over to his car, nestled in 7th place.

As for women, flowers for men in the modern age gadgets are smoothly and adequately occupy the 8th place in the ranking of gifts.

In 9th place is the expensive alcohol and cigars. Only the really expensive collectible, and not from the nearest supermarket.

But 10-th place – it's entirely your imagination. The fact that men, unlike women, are not inclined myself to indulge, but each of them has his own dream. If we can find it and fulfill it will be the best gift.