You will need
  • game client;
  • - created server.
  • - administrator rights for yourself.
Most simply, the change of status is being implemented in Minecraft. The administrator who created the server, you must press the "tilde" (Russian "e") and in the opened console enter /op #. Instead of#, type the nickname of the player that should receive extended rights. In order to get access to replace the op on deop.
Counter-Strike 1.6 for assignment will have to edit the standard documents. Go to the root directory of the game and go to amxmodx/addons/configs. Inside should be file users.ini, which should open in any text editor.
Add the line, keeping these quotes: “the nickname of the player” “Password for login” “access flags” “a”. In the column "access flags" you need to enter options that are open to the administrator – a detailed description of the flags should come bundled with the server. If not, then use a standard set of abcdefiju.
Save the file in its current form, change the server map. The player before you log in, you will also need the main menu to bring up the console and type: setinfo _pw "password of the above". Going into the game, he needs to get amxmodmenu bind f12 to invoke the administrator menu by pressing F12.
For distribution rights in GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer, open the file Server.cfg in the root directory of the game server. Find inside a string /rcon login # and enter # instead of a password.
Run the client and duplicate the inscription in the console. Now enter the same /makeadmin # 1337, where # is the ID (not nickname!) player. ID number you can find by pressing Tab and looking at some numbers below that you are interested in the user. Figure 1337 means the administrator level – the higher it is, the more rights it has. Admin level 1331 will not be able to assign rights above their own; in addition – you will not be able to ban or remove someone's rights to a higher level.