The lawn in the garden

Culture use and garden plots are currently very different from what it was 10-15 years ago. With the abundance of products that appears in our shops and supermarkets, there is no need to work throughout the summer in the beds, to ensure maximum supply of food for the winter. Now most gardeners use garden plots as places to stay, with planting of vegetables and potatoes play only a small part, and the remaining area is occupied, as a rule, fruit trees, bushes, planting flowers, and grass and lawn. In the Russian conditions to grow a full "English" lawn do not allow the climatic conditions, however, care for the grass just need to garden area was well maintained attractive appearance.
When buying a trimmer is guided by its characteristics – capacity, size of blades, assess their financial capabilities and choose a happy medium between price and quality.

Than you can mow the grass?

More recently, for mowing grass used hand scythes, which is a metal blade, fixed on wooden handles. The mowing process was quite time-consuming, require some skill and skills. For example, the best time for mowing was early morning when the grass is wet with dew, and in dry weather accurately mow a meadow was quite problematic. Great difficulty was sharpening KOs, it also required special skills.

Fortunately, to help farmers and gardeners came progress in sale of a large variety of garden machinery, including lawn mowers and trimmers. Each varieties of these tools have their pros and cons – for example, the lawn mower is useful for a large area and smooth surface of the lawn. It is designed for special mixtures of grasses and their seeding professional, but it will not turn out to mow the overgrown grass on the mowing.
Use of the trimmer provides for strict compliance with safety regulations. Before using the tool read the instructions carefully and strictly observe the precautions.

Ideal trimmer

Much more affordable and easy to use special trimmer for cutting the grass – there are petrol and electric options in different price categories . This option is ideal for small, not too smooth plots for the mowing of the grass between bushes and trees. With it you can easily mow the grass for Pets.

Cutting blade in the trimmer is replaced by a stern line, which at high speed rotation mows and crushes the grass. In more powerful models in addition to the line provided for cutting the metal disc, it can be used to mow and small shoots, which is formed around the stone fruit trees – plums and cherries. Despite purchase costs of equipment, gasoline and electricity, the use of the trimmer is very profitable and convenient, can cope with the task without much time and labor costs. To date, this is the best option for mowing grass.