Plants provide replenishment of the cat's body with vitamins and cause a gag reflex. You do not worry, because cat is the usual regurgitation of undigested food and clumps of hair. So cat free your stomach excess. In the grass the animal is constantly in need. But the need is not so great to plant specifically for this house a garden.
овес для кошек дренажно-питательный экстракт
The grass is especially necessary for those cats who live in the apartment forever, for their good health.
как воспитать кошку
Beloved cat grass is a young wheat. Sprouts fresh herbs especially useful in the winter, which improves health vitamin food additive for animals. It contains vitamins of group B. you Can buy grass for cats in the store already sprouted, and you can grow it yourself. By the way, if you are going to buy drugs at the store, you know – it is inexpensive (about 30 rubles).
как приготовить еду котенку
Still, if you want to plant grass for the cats themselves, buy a bag of "Herbs for cats - oats (50 grams) oats or "Chica" (300 grams).
как вырастить кота
Take a low pot or plastic jar and fill the selected capacity of the earth, and the top sprinkle with seeds. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the ground (about 1-2 cm of soil) and pour their crops.
у кошки задняя лапка при ходьбе лежит
After some time you will need to compact the earth in the pot so the cat then pulled the shoots with roots when eating weed. At first, hold the pot under the jar or keep it covered with plastic wrap. This will help retain moisture, and cat grass is going to grow faster.
When a new vitamin treat for your cat grows up, remove the jar (film). Follow the cat. Well if she is eating grass, you can build her a greenhouse, planted a few pots with grass. Once a week, sow some grass for the cats. This time is enough to make a cat "finished" with another dose of herbs.