Advice 1: How to sow grass Canada green

Evergreen lawn grass "Canada green" unpretentious when sowing and does not require special care. It remains green even under snow, does not germinate weeds, and is not afraid of pests. For planting any soil.
How to sow grass Canada green

The planning of the area and soil preparation

Optimum time of sowing the lawn "Canada green" — from mid-April to early June or from early August to mid-October. Before planting should plan the site, identify the location of flower beds, trees and paths. It is necessary to provide unimpeded mowing of grass.

You can start to prepare the lawn area in any time of the year, however, if you do not have time until the summer to complete the cooking, sowing, better move in the fall. Prepared area leave for up to six months, so the soil is compacted, then is removed the remaining weeds.

The land should be dug down to a depth of approximately pastika conventional bayonet shovel (10-15 cm), followed by take a rake and loosen the ground, pick up all the trash and weeds. If you are unable to handle them manually apply herbicide. The earth is dug over, trying not to leave large lumps, carefully choosing all the roots of weeds.

After that, the site needs to be straight — cut off the humps and fill hollows. In the land of make fertilizer for the lawn, then tightly rolled using a special roller. The soil surface is leveled with a rake and remove small stones and clods of earth. The plot is left like this for a month and a half.

The lawn

After the maturation phase begin seeding the lawn. The most appropriate time — September or October, however the grass "Canada green" can be sown in the spring. With proper planting and preparing the soil, shoots appear after one to two weeks. If there are areas where the grass didn't come out, you need to do some overseeding.

Using a special drill, it is possible to achieve uniform sowing. If you sow the lawn with his own hands, the land should be divided into squares, first sow the seeds lengthwise, then across. Gently introduce the seeds into the soil with a light rake, top can be sprinkled with a mixture of peat and sand or just sand layer should be 1-1,5 see

The planted site is rolled using a light roller, lightly pressing seeds into the soil. For this purpose there is a special roller, it is easy to achieve smooth surface for free-riding lawn mowers, however, you can use the means at hand — a tube or sheet of plywood.

After that fresh lawn watered by sprinkling method. Need for weeks of daily watering the site of small-scale irrigation, so the water will not wash sprouts and will not erode land.

Advice 2: How to choose a herbicide for lawn

Plants-weeds are the worst enemies of not only vegetables, but also ornamental grass grown in lawns. The most effective means to combat them are herbicides of continuous action.
How to choose a herbicide for lawn
Annuals-weeds it is possible to deduce from his infield, through regular mowing or recurring homeland problem areas. If in the garden or on the lawn infested with perennial plants-the weeds, here without the use of herbicides as more radical measures are not necessary.

Herbicides continuous action

The herbicides of continuous action are popular among gardeners and gardeners tools like "Tornado", "roundup", "Napalm", "Errokiller", "Lontrel 300". This is a real "killer" weed, and they must be used only in accordance with the regulations.

The principle of listed chemicals is quite simple – when spraying the particles of the herbicide to enter the weed, after some time gets inside and absorbing all living cells, tend to the root system. Thus, the tool acts only on the plant itself, without polluting the earth. If all particles of the herbicide hits the ground, just two or three weeks there will be a process full chemical breakdown in safe for all the surrounding particles.

You must understand that using herbicide, you can inadvertently get the poisonous air and on turf grass, which will lead to their death. Therefore, before spraying, should cover the grass with plastic wrap.

The use of herbicides

Herbicides continuous action, usually sold in specialised shops for gardeners and are quite cheap. In sale the funds are received in containers of 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1 liter to make 10 liters of working solution, which is enough for effective weed control in the area of 20 sq. m, enough to thoroughly mix water 100 g of product.

After spraying the first signs of aging appear on the stems and leaves of plants after 3-4 days, even after 2-3 weeks the plant dies completely. It is important to know that working with a solution of herbicide should be extremely careful to prevent foreign substances on exposed areas of the body, as well as in the respiratory system. When spraying wear a respirator, rubber gloves on his hands and feet rubber boots.

Herbicides continuous action (especially the "Napalm" and "roundup") are very popular with owners of land, so buying them is necessary until the season of garden work. In the middle of the season, the gardeners literally sweep this product from store shelves.
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