Characteristics of the cutting surface electroboy

Thanks to this tool the problem of mowing weeds in the area, maintaining a neat appearance of the lawn, of harvesting grass for Pets become easily solvable without special time-consuming and great physical effort.

Electrochimie are of two types: equipped with a special hard line and is equipped with a cutting metal with a milling cutter. In the first case, spit at high speed cuts and grinds the grass, the second type of tool is more performance. With a metal cutting surface is possible not only to mow the tall grass in a meadow, not crushing her into dust, but to cut the shoots of shrubs, cut the thick stems of coarse weeds: burdock, mugwort, goosefoot, which cannot be cut with fishing line.

As a rule, more powerful and expensive models of electrochimprom have different nozzles for fishing line cutter and a removable attachment mechanism, which allows the use of braid for different purposes, changing cutting element. If vegetation intended for animal feed, the use of a scaffold is undesirable because the grass is too badly crushed and not suitable for hay. Besides, the fishing line often breaks, its pieces can also get to feed livestock and make animal digestive disorders that sometimes lead to death of cattle.

Types of electrochoc with a knife

Electric spit, equipped with knives, are of two types: heavy and light. The first engine is located on the bottom, and the other at the handles. The bottom location of the motor makes the braid vulnerable to the conditions of mowing. This electrocoat you can't mow wet grass, in order not to tool failure. Too high grass is also not under force to braids like power tool is not enough in order to mow it, the engine in these cases is also quickly breaks down. When using this electrocase need to wait for the complete drying of dew or rain on the meadow. It is convenient to use only in areas with low cultivated grass, then its application is quite convenient and cost-effective.

The second type electrocase the top of the engine is preferable because of the above deficiencies had not. The high location of the engine helps to avoid short-circuit when cutting wet grass, with its help you can mow areas overgrown with weeds if the engine power involves such loads.

The disadvantages of such a braid can be attributed to its large weight and bulky dimensions, that reduces the maneuverability of the tool during operation. Growers with the purchase of this useful device should carefully study the characteristics and to choose electricos, which is more preferable for their needs.