You will need
  • - scythe and rake;
  • - mower and tedder.
Start harvesting hay in dry hot weather after the grass grow up enough. In the middle zone of Russia the hay harvest begins in the second decade of June and continue harvesting until the second decade of August. The best grass hay is obtained from wheat grass, meadow Timothy, bluegrass, bent grass. Never mow reeds, rushes and sedges. From this hay in animals it causes inflammation of the digestive canal, also in these plants are low in nutrients especially after flowering.
The best herbs for harvesting are considered clover, luceria, sainfoin, chin, peas, vetch. To get a green hay, need hay in Sunny weather. Drying will be done under the influence of wind and sun. This method allows to obtain the highest quality hay.
If you do hard work in remote areas for the passage of equipment, skachivaya grass plain old way using braids. This method is now rarely used. With the advent of tractors with mowers cleaning and hay is very easy and fast.
Dry grass in swaths throughout the day, constantly turning it with a rake or tedder tractor. The evening will fold mown hay in small stacks. In the morning again leave to dry. This method need dry until fully cooked. The willingness of hay is determined by the twisting beam, if the grass is easy to curl, but not broken, and no signs of excessive moisture content, then it's time to make a stack or bales with a tractor.
In hot weather, drying takes two to three days. If it was raining, the quality of hay is lost, instead of green you can get brown hay, in which much less vitamins and nutrients.
In inclement weather, to dry, use stakes or poles, having made of them a cruciform cross, which apply slightly dried grass. This method does not guarantee that the hay is not moldy and is suitable for feed purposes. That's why it's so important to prepare the hay in good weather.