If you suddenly developed severe lower back pain, which often occurs before menstruation, it is a danger signal that may indicate miscarriage. A pregnancy test - if it shows two lines, immediately call an ambulance. It is possible that the fetus will survive. If you know about the availability of pregnancy test did not need – do not waste your precious time.
When the background appears more pain and nausea and something like contractions (the uterus begins to shrink), then this is an obvious symptom of miscarriage. Most likely, nothing can be done about it. This typically occurs in the early stages, when a doctor makes a threat because of the tone of the uterus. So if you offer to go to the hospital, you should listen to the specialist and not to suffer when nothing can be corrected.
You then start bleeding. In the output of mucus you can see the clots. In some cases the discharge has a light tone. Even if you didn't want to continue the pregnancy, you still go to the hospital. Not always the ovum goes completely and the necessary cleaning of the uterine cavity, otherwise it may start the inflammatory process.
In the later stages of pregnancy symptoms of miscarriage blurry. Maybe just a little ache in the stomach, with nothing in common not to be disturbed. But any suspicious feelings should alert you. So do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Of course, miscarriages in the second or third trimester less likely to happen, but better to be a little care of yourself and baby. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.