Temporary filling fell out what should I do?

In some cases, the blame for this incident lies with the dentist, who forgot to warn the patient that a temporary seal is impossible to make strong impact. That is, until she in your mouth, you should not chew nuts or candy. In any case, the temporary filling fell back glue will not work.
Depending on the type of disease teeth temporary fillings can set for a period from three days to one month.

After the loss of such seals it is important to stay calm because nothing decisive happened, the situation is easy to fix. As soon as possible to schedule an appointment with your doctor, who would install the seal. A good specialist will know exactly how it happened, determine the impact, after which had the seal. The analysis of this information will help prevent similar situations in the future. There are two ways out of this situation — to put another temporary filling until the end of the "probationary period", if required, or, if the majority of the appointed time wearing an interim version has already passed to put a permanent seal. But it can be done if the dropped temporary filling had the desired effect.

What is a temporary filling?

If there is the slightest doubt in this, it is necessary to reconsider the option of installing the second temporary filling. However, in some cases, doctors do not recommend to do it, since the basis of such temporary seals are often potent substances. If a temporary filling you have a toothache, be sure to notify your doctor often this means that the treatment is not finished yet, but could be evidence of some sudden appeared problems.
Do not delay your visit to the dentist after the loss of the temporary filling, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Temporary filling — a very relative term. It means the laying of a special composition in the cavity to paralyze the nerve. To this composition effect, we need some time to resemble such a "temporary filling", which protects the tooth from getting stuck in the cavity of food debris and mechanical impact.

Before visiting the clinic after the loss of temporary seal, in any case, do not add any load on the tooth from where she fell. Chew the other side, frequently rinse your mouth.