Therefore, the value of the fabric is measured not by its thickness, and purity of the fibre and ease the ability for a small weight to hold as much air as possible. And style of woolen cloth should emphasize this advantage.

So avoid hard, pressed forms. In order not to crush the edge — here it is important to maintain the impression of spaciousness, airiness of the fabric is often used the most time-consuming and delicate edge treatment — spuska.

That is, from the edge of a Board laid an invisible line frequent hand stitches that bind both tissue and thus fixing the form. The finishing line is located at a greater distance from the edge. Form coats are often loose because the lightness is always associated with freedom. Less cut fabric constructive lines, not weight visually thing, don't spoil nothing of the valuable material. All this applies to the more expensive Drapes. Coat of them are made for many years, so the styles here are classic, with carefully drawn, more rounded contours of the parts.

Shaped Fudge — tests brave division, the latest trend details — leave for cheaper wool fabric with a small addition of pure wool fibers. But there remains the General rule: the lighter the Drapes need to be free-form and dense, heavy type of cloth, in a clear design and decorating details. The less speaks for itself, the fabric, the louder should assert himself adorning her style.