Superstitions about the Slippers only grow in numbers, there is an old, yet was known in pre-Petrine era, is quite new for such kinds of shoes, such as, for example, Slippers with pompoms, or high-sneaker-socks.
In addition to sneakers not to give knives, animals, plants, or watch flowers yellow – it promises a separation.

Funeral tradition

In most countries of the world since ancient time Slippers are associated with funerals. In some cultures Slippers (like the Slavs) put on the deceased, in number – were placed in the grave. There was even a special burial Slippers – the ones known, white.

It so happened that people have become a symbol of death everything that is somehow connected with the funeral. In addition, more Slippers, associated one type of curse (spell quick death), part of the ritual which is a tribute to the birthday of Slippers as a gift.

Journal of separation

There is another superstition that is associated with shoes, not just Slippers. People think that such a gift would be a precursor of the separation, and the person for whom the gift is intended, will soon leave the family out of the house.

This superstition, by the way, has very specific historical roots: from time immemorial in wealthy families where the young man was allowed to leave home and build your own, were given shoes. The shoes gave and to those who are going camping or long journey, it was the symbol of remission and impulse relations, the beginning of a new life, death and rebirth.

Gift? Only the closest

Another good way to present Slippers with a housewarming party.

Slippers tend to usually give very close to people, but it is reasonable to give the ones you made them with your hands. This gift will be long remembered, and Slippers will be worn with great pleasure.

People come up with and how to get around superstitions: present Slippers, but demand for them a symbolic ransom, and certainly a coin. So it turns out that the shoes are not donated, and purchased.

Place in the house

Popular superstition says that every house in Slippers should be your place. It is impossible to put the shoes toe to the door – to care close separation. You can't throw shoes – to quarrels. It is impossible to keep Slippers under the bed – men's infidelity, and under the chest – thieves.