Some of the happiest omens born with bad. For example, to find a trifle, especially at the intersection, a bad omen. To raise such coin is impossible. However, if you find a penny lying heads up, it is considered a lucky omen. Take a Nickel and make the following ritual: put on a coin, candle, light it and looking at the fire, repeat his fondest wish. When the candle burns two-thirds – put out the fire and hide it along with the coin in a secluded place. And when the wish will come true – again light the candle and let it burn out completely, and penny throw at a crossroads.

Find an old rusty nail is also a good sign. It is believed that such a nail you need to nail a horseshoe on happiness. The people said that only the old nail knows how to keep happiness in the family. Another lucky find a rusty ancient key. If you bring it in the house, he shut the door before any troubles and troubles.

A few happy to take associated with people. Luck, for example, was considered to meet a chimney sweep. Today this sign is not too relevant, but if you are lucky to meet someone this rare profession – consider the happiness of you "in the pocket"! Touching a pregnant belly or a hump of a hunchback – also good signs. And to hump you need to touch so that its owner didn't feel anything. If you succeed, you can safely go to a casino you should have great luck!

Finding a four-leaf clover means to catch the happiness. This sign came to Russia from Ireland. It is considered that the rare four-leaf clover is the memory of a lost Paradise. If you're lucky enough to find him, clover you need to rip, to dry and to always carry. Three leaf clover is also considered lucky because it is a symbol of the Trinity. Trehlistnik used to ward off witches and evil spirits, to protect themselves from black magic and evil eye.

Every person understands happiness in his own way. One is wealth to another – children, with a third health. Can you be happy and not noticing these signs. However, if they give you confidence in yourself – follow them and not be afraid to seem a superstitious man.