To learn how to work with this program, it is first necessary to determine the tasks that must be performed for you. Typically, such software has a flexible built-in functions that allow you to format and categorize all the information in different directions. In the Internet there are many different courses that allow in real time to see how to build a table that integrates information, data is sorted and much more.
Usually, the first exercise starts with an introduction. You should know clearly where each graph. At this point in time there are several versions of this software, namely Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Perhaps, many got used to the 2003 version. Despite the fact that now the updates are only generated for 2007 and 2010 software Excel 2003 does not cease to be popular.
Open the program on your computer. Go to the tab "help" and read those items that interest you. In fact, such software for functions like Word. There are the same formatting commands, menu items, are similar in many ways, the interface is also very clear. To add a new table, click on "File" - "Create". Next, enter the name of the document in which you will work.
Next, enter information into the cells of the table. You can stretch each block, both in width and in length. To add more cells, right-click the table and select "Add cells". In the tools tab you can find the additional operations which provides the software. Start with a simple copy of the information in the table and then try different ways to display them in the table, to sort, to try to present in more convenient form.