To number the cells sequentially in format "1, 2, 3, 4... n", select the first cell of the table and enter the first digit, which will start the countdown. Then put the mouse cursor in the lower right corner cells (corner cells should appear black cross) and press the Ctrl key. While holding down, press the left mouse button, and drag down or right as many cells as you need. Release the mouse button and then the Ctrl button on the keyboard.
If you need to number the cell with the period in the format "1, 3, 5, 7... n", put in the first cell of the table the initial number. Then select the range of cells which should be numbered. In the main program menu select "edit" / "Fill" / "Progression". In the window that appears, in the "Location" button indicating the selection will be set automatically (either by columns or by rows). In the "Type" select the type of numbering of cells (e.g. arithmetic). In the "Step" set a period, which should be numbered (e.g. 2). If necessary, check limit value for the cells in which the numbering will happen to a certain number. Click OK.
In Excel, you can enumerate cells in an arbitrary format, i.e. to number, skipping a few of them and with a difference of a few units (for example: every second, different from the previous five). To do this, select the first cell number from which the countdown will start. Then through the desired number of cells in the desired cell after write the following formula: put an equals sign, then click in the first cell with the number to dial on the keypad "+" and put the number you want to increase the number of cells following the first. Press Enter. Then select the range that includes the cell, the first and the second resulting from the application of the formula, figure. Put the mouse cursor in the lower right corner to display a black cross, press the right button of the mouse and slide it to the length of the row of numbers you want to receive. To formula to convert to numbers, highlight the number and press the right mouse button. Select the context menu "Copy" command. Around the selected range will appear dotted snake. Again click the right mouse button and go to the menu command "paste Special". In the opened window click the button next to the word "Value". Click OK.