When working with text, tables, or other objects Office often there are situations when it is necessary to do the same set of actions. It not only takes extra time but is very annoying. Fortunately, to solve this problem, there are macros.
To create macros is suitable software environment is VBA, but not necessarily to be a programmer to learn Visual Basic for Application, to learn to write them. For this there are specially designed tools that are at your command to create VBA code, without requiring from you additional knowledge. However, to master this language is not so difficult.
Macros are created in the applications burn. While a certain combination of keys assigned to the desired sequence of actions. Open the Office application. Select the slice you want to format.
Select the menu item "tools - > Macro - > Start recording" (in Office 2007 – "View" -> "Macros" -> "Record macro"). In the window "Record macro" specify a name for the new macro, by default it is "Макрос1", but it is better to give it a name, especially if macros will be a few. Maximum size for a field name is 255 characters, not allowed characters, dots and spaces.
Determine the choice of button or key combination for your macro will work in the future. Try to choose the most convenient option, especially if it is designed for frequent use. Select the appropriate option field "Assign macro": "click" or "keys".
If you chose "button", a window opens "customize quick selection". If "keys" simply type on the keyboard combination. Review the "Current combination" to avoid repetition. Click "Assign".
The macro created in Word and PowerPoint, will be valid for all documents in the future. To an Excel macro available to all documents, save it in a file personal.xls that runs automatically when you open the app. Run the command "Window" -> "Display" and select in the dialog the bottom of the file personal.xls.
Enter a short description of the macro in the "Description" field. Click OK and you will return to your document, but now the mouse can see the record icon. Format selected text as a sequence of actions that you want to automate. Be very careful not to do unnecessary actions because the macro will record all of them, and it will affect the running time in the future.
Run the command "Tools - > Macro - > Stop recording". You have created a VBA object, without writing a single line of code yourself. However, there is a need to make changes manually, log in to the object via the "Macros" command "Edit" or Alt+F8.