To please your mate, you don't need a lot of money, because the main objective of gift is to Express his attention to his beloved, or if you are a student it will be enough.

Choose one of many options

On the first place among the favorite gifts for women are any cosmetics that use your girl. It can be: nail Polish, makeup brushes, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, scrubs and creams. Soap and candles handmade look presentable and are inexpensive.

As for the shampoos and shower gels, they never interfere in the economy. If you know what flavors prefer your favorite, feel free to buy perfume or toilet water. Also with such a smell, you can buy a scented foam or bath salt.
If the girl is not suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract, a good gift for her can become an oil burner.

What to give your favorite

Some girls are fond of cooking, like various innovations related to the kitchen. It can be a teapot, salad bowls, original cups, saucers, forks for olives, cutting Board. Kitchen towels that wear out quickly in the kitchen, too, would be welcome.

If a girl throws potted plants, your problem with a gift is almost solved. In any store you will offer flowers for every taste. Here, you can watch and various vases or pots for houseplants.
If she enjoys reading, a good book will be a pleasant surprise for her. And neither lady cannot stand the sight of soft, cozy Slippers.

Look to your favorite clothes. In addition to my full image it lacks scarf, gloves or belt? Stockings also to please your girlfriend, because from time to time every woman loves to flaunt in sensual dainty dress. The shelves in the stores full of various costume jewelry: necklaces, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, hair pins. Look for something original for his girl.

This accessory, like a compact umbrella, it never hurts, but will be reminded of your care in rainy weather. Purse or cosmetic bag roomy sincerely appreciate the favorite.

No matter what gift you choose for your girls, whether you give it the value and how you present it.