Only actions can show all your care and open heart. Organizing a small, but unusual surprise for girls, you will be able to please her and make it clear about their feelings.

Don't know how to surprise a girl? There are many different options, choosing between an expensive gift and adventure for two, it is better to choose the latter. Gifts are very nice, but quite ordinary. Very different feelings she will experience if will make a surprise for your beloved and give her a colorful and vivid memory.

What a surprise to make a girl: 4 great ideas

  1. A table for two on the roof. Deciding what to surprise you wife, be sure to think about dinner on the roof of the building, it's a great idea for a romantic date. Just imagine how surprised will be your favorite. The alluring city lights, sunset and of course, dancing under the starry sky — the main components of the evening. To organize a surprise for girls, you need to prepare a light dinner, to take care of the music and be sure to bring a blanket.
  2. Tram or bus. Coming up with how to make the girl a surprise, you can unleash the imagination and do not be afraid to be funny. Just imagine — your favorite is coming home after a hard day, it rides the bus or tram, from which you go out and offer her to come inside. And there is a lot of balls on the floor are rose petals and laid a beautiful table. You can even invite musicians that will complement the overall picture. Such surprises for your girlfriend can show her the strength of your feelings and want to make a similar trip to last forever.
  3. Library. Such a place is considered to be very unexpected and original. Such an unusual surprise for girls will be just during the session when she is very tired and always sitting at the books. You can accompany her to the library, offering assistance in the study, but you will have a delicious dinner. Importantly, similar to arranging a romantic surprise for a girl, make sure she has no serious blockages in the study, and it may take you several hours and give the brain a rest.
  4. Picnic. Deciding what kind of surprise can make the girl in the warm season, you should definitely pay attention to the date-a picnic. Just make the invitation original. Let the girl meet on the street man in an interesting costume, such as the rabbit and will give a beautifully designed message and a bouquet of carrots in the bargain or near the work it will have to wait for the carriage that will take her to the meeting place. An interesting surprise is sure she will love it.

More surprises for your girlfriend

Choosing what gift to make your wife or girlfriend, you first need to take into account its interests. You can go anywhere – a restaurant, a movie, a coffee shop or on a horse ride. The important thing to remember, making pleasant surprises for girls – think about it. If it is a restaurant, then he must have associated memories, if the movie is supposed to be her favorite and good when served her favorite cakes.