Men often wonder what to give to your beloved? The problem is that the girls live by emotions, and an unexpected surprise that caused the joy, interest, or even fear, will be remembered much stronger than a simple gift in a beautiful package.

How to surprise your beloved

The easiest option of surprise is to order flowers. But not just any home, and to her place of work or place of study. The surprise and the joy of an unexpected bouquet with a gentle message inside will be much stronger if it happens in front of other people.

Instead of the banal flowers on a date, take with them a mysterious box with a beautiful bow on top. She will break your head – what's in it. And here the plot thickens, you are allowed to open the lid... and fly butterfly. The first fright from the sudden effect is guaranteed to be replaced by a happy smile, only to find out in advance – not afraid if the girl.

You can negotiate with the parents of the girl come as her not home and hide the gift in her room – a Teddy bear on a shelf in the closet, a nice message on the computer monitor or her favorite candy under my pillow. Let the gift itself rather banal, but his pitch definitely she'll love and remember.

If you already live together, and the feelings have died down a bit, it's time to ignite them again! Print pre-photos where you are together happy laughing or kissing, buy a dozen balloons with helium. While your girl is sleeping, attach one photo to the ball and release at the ceiling. It is important that the ribbon was long enough and the photos at eye level.

Another standard, but at least a welcome idea – a romantic dinner. Meet your favorite delicious dinner, glasses with wine and gloom. Let the candles everywhere and the room filled with the sounds of a beautiful melody or a song that means a lot for you two.

If this dinner your girl is not to impress – why not arrange dinner on the roof? Or on the shore of the pond. Or in the Park. Turn on the imagination. And you can send her a card on which a cross will be indicated where she should come.

To make nice – not as difficult as it seems

All girls are different, like that one, may alienate another. And your the girl no one knows so well as you do. So first of all sit down and think what you like favorite, as she has repeatedly hinted at her burning eyes or of what she described in her dreams. This will be the impetus. Will just have to come up – as it is beautifully presented. The most important thing is emotion.