Advice 1: What to do if your eyes had been red and swollen

People sometimes face the problem of redness of eyes and swelling of eyelids. Eye diseases are fairly common. Reasons why the eyelids swell up, there are so many. Often the swelling is the result of colds, runny nose, conjunctivitis. In addition, swelling and redness of the eyes may be a consequence of the lack of lighting, wind, cold, considerable eye strain, virus, glaucoma, or allergies.
What to do if your eyes had been red and swollen

Medication edema of the eyelids and redness of the eyes

If you are faced with this problem, such as redness of eyes and swelling of the eyelids, in the first place, you must pass the examination of the expert, but in many cases this is not possible. Then you can buy in a drugstore a special complex with lutein, it helps to cope with the adverse effects of visual stress. Positive calming effect will produce on the eye, the Artificial tears - eye drops, soothe irritation, reduce pain, inflammation. You can use drugs "<url>" and "Systane". In addition, as the "ambulance" with red eye, use special vasoconstrictor drugs "visine". Only you should be aware that it does not correct the cause of this problem, but only alleviates the symptoms.

People's ways of dealing with the swelling and redness of the eye

If you have swollen eyelids, there was redness in the eyes, make a soothing compress. You can take in the first minutes of simple cold water. When you will become a little easier, prepare the basis for other, more effective compress. It must be a decoction of oak bark and chamomile. Pharmacy bags with this plant, you can steam in the form of heat applied to the eyes. Put it in a Cup packets of black tea, fill with boiling water, cover glass of an ordinary saucer and leave for 2 minutes. Then lay the bags on a plate until cool, and then put in the freezer. As necessary, use as a compress if redness and swelling of the eyes.

To compress is also good slices of raw peeled potatoes, beet, cucumber. Relieve swelling and irritation of sour cottage cheese if you wrap it in cheesecloth and put on the itchy eyes.

Dip cotton pads in cold milk, apply them on the eyelids around the eyes will reduce dark circles. You can also brew a tablespoon of mint and apply to the sore areas soaked cotton pad. Brew ground coffee, do not rush to throw out the thick, because it can also be used as a soothing compress.

If your eyes are constantly sore, red, watery and the eyelids swell, so your body's acute shortage of Riboflavin. This vitamin in sufficient quantity contained in mushrooms, peas, mackerel, cheese, whole milk, poultry, cabbage.

Advice 2: What to do if your child has red eyes

You know that childhood goes by without diseases and ailments. Children from time to time are any health problems. Therefore, parents should closely monitor their child, not to miss the signs of any changes in health. One of the alarms is red eyes in a child.
What to do if your child has red eyes

Causes of red eyes in a child

The child's eyes very sensitive to any adverse factors, and even quite a bit wrong given help when redness may cause complications with which you have to fight later. The sooner you find the cause and method of treatment of the disease, the sooner will come the recovery of the child.

Causes of red eyes there are many. It may be a reaction to eye irritation due to overexertion, contact with a foreign body, eye injury, irritation from bright sunlight, dust, allergies, stress. Remember that the child was doing before he eyes turned red. Maybe a long time he watched TV or spent a lot of time on the computer, tablet or laptop. Long read too, can cause redness of the eyes of children.

In the case when the redness of the eyes accompanied by lacrimation, fever, runny nose, cough, you can concluded that, most likely, your child has a cold.

If in addition to inflammation and redness of a eyes baby you see tearing, crust in the eyes, purulent discharge, redness of the eyelids, this can be a consequence of the disease, requiring medical treatment. In this case, to determine the exact diagnosis can only physician.

How to help a child with red eyes?

Helping a child depends on factors redness of the eyes and symptoms related to this illness. If in the eye there is pain, burning, this may indicate that the eye got something. Try to remove a foreign body yourself, using a clean handkerchief, moistened with boiled water.

Redness of the eyes due to fatigue or overexertion intensive treatment is not required. Just reduce the time watching TV, playing computer, reading or drawing.

If your eyes are red because of allergies, to immediately protect the child from the source of its occurrence, give an antihistamine and consult a specialist.

If your eyes are red because of a cold treatment should appoint an expert. Until it is inspected try to alleviate the suffering of the child, attaching the eye of a decoction of chamomile or a tea infuser.

Do not be thoughtless and indifferent to any redness or swelling of the eyes of a child. The sooner you determine the cause and will provide the necessary assistance, the faster will be the recovery of your child.

Advice 3: What to do if your child has swollen eye

I'm sure almost every parent wants to protect their children from various diseases and misfortunes, but with them something always happens. It seems not long ago your baby was a light, fun and carefree, suddenly you see that his eyes were swollen. Find out what could be the reason for the manifestation of this disease.
What to do if your child has swollen eye

Causes eye tumor

Before you treat the child has eye cancer, you need to figure out what exactly was the cause of this disease. Often the main cause severely swollen eyes in a child is allergic to. Parents used that as a result of allergic reactions a child has a rash on the body. In most cases, cause an allergic reaction can certain foods such as citrus or chocolate. However, not all moms and dads know that to manifest Allergy may not only in the form of a rash, temperature or redness of the skin, but in tumorous mucosa, for example, eyes. In addition to food, the allergen can be pollen, house dust, feathers from pillows and much more that surrounds your child.
Do not forget about insects because their stings can also cause allergic reactions.

Another reason for the eye tumor may be mechanical agents, that is, when the mucous membrane gets a foreign object. This situation often occurs when children play in the sandbox. The sand can get into your eyes not only from active child's play, but against the wind. The same may occur when repairing the house, when the construction dust enters the eye.

In addition to the above, to cause the swelling of the eye may such a disease, as conjunctivitis. Children often play on the street, so much so that the smear completely. It is likely that the child simply can scrub those dirty hands your eyes.
Getting an infection in this situation is inevitable. Therefore, one of the main causes of eye tumor in children is infectious.

Treatment methods of eye tumor in a child

If you don't know what actions to take, if happened that your child has swollen eyes, remember that the first thing you need to see a doctor. Directly the doctor and find out what caused this disease. It is from the reasons will depend on the method of treatment your child.

If the reason is Allergy, the doctor will prescribe special medicines, given the age category of the child.

When mechanical damage to the mucous membranes of the eyes the doctor will remove the dirty linen in the eyes of a child, and prescribe certain drops, relieves irritation.

In the case of infection it is necessary to assess the General condition of the child and his age, then assign the administration of antibacterial drops.

Advice 4: What to do if swollen eyelids

Forever is probably one of the most sensitive parts of our face that issue all that happens to us. Namely: lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, disease. At the slightest ailment becomes apparent, as skin around the eyelids dims appear under the lower eyelid "bags" of fatigue. For more complex health problems the eyelids may start to swell.
swollen eyelids what to do

Puffiness, or swelling of the eyelids is, first and foremost, the reason to go to the doctor. Swelling can one eyelid (upper or lower), or both. Swelling of the eyelids can be painful or painless. Painful swelling century associated usually with the infection.

Causes of eyelid swelling:

  • infection;
  • allergies;
  • fluid retention.

Infection that can cause swelling of the century

  1. Conjunctivitis. Is an inflammation of the mucous membranes and/or conjunctiva. When inflammation is very clearly expressed symptoms of redness of eyes, severe itching, begins to stand out pus.
  2. Barley. Disease of the eyelids due to infections in the formation of the eyelashes. Is accompanied by not only pain but also swelling of the entire century. In the absence of treatment may be accompanied by purulent secretions.
  3. Orbital cellulitis. Acute infection of the tissues of the eyes caused by a stye or insect bite. Accompanied, as a rule, fever and extremely painful sensations in the region of the century. This disease affects the fibrous part of the century. When not treated can have serious complications, such as partial loss of vision or lead to blindness.
  4. A high level of protein in the urine. Can be a cause of nephrotic syndrome, as a result, swelling of the eyelids.
  5. Eye herpes. The pathogen can be a common herpes or chickenpox. Formed on the cornea inflammation and scarring.
  6. Graves ' Disease. It is a hereditary autoimmune disease. The symptoms are swollen, swollen, enlarged eyelids, bulging eyes and double vision.

Painless swelling of the eyelids may be the reason for allergies and excess fluid in the body. The excess can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption or liquids in principle, pregnancy, increased levels of hormones during menstruation. For painful swollen eyelids you must first consult doctor. Self-treatment due to improper diagnosis can lead to serious complications.


With the appearance of a swelling century, first and foremost, abstain from any kind of makeup, whether cream or decorative cosmetics, and also from wearing contact lenses. Apply a sterile gauze bandage to the eye, soaked in clean water. In no case do not RUB the eye.

If the reason for the swelling of the eyelids is an Allergy, the doctor will prescribe you antihistamines, – blockers, such as loratadine. For the treatment of conjunctivitis will be offered drops and ointments.

Refrain from self-use of drugs that can cause increase in eye pressure.

There are numerous causes of swelling of the eyelids, and any of these reasons, it is best to see a doctor. Even with a seemingly simple symptom may be the appearance of something very dangerous like a tumor.

Treatment swelling of the eyelids is almost always held at home, in addition to orbital cellulitis, its treatment should be intravenous by the insertion of antibiotic under medical supervision.

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