Advice 1: What name would suit the boy - Leo zodiac sign

The choice of name for a child, especially a boy, is life-changing. It is no secret that astrology has a huge influence on the destiny of man, his nature, even chronic diseases can often be determined from the comfort of home. One has only to read a few articles that describe your zodiac sign.
What name would suit the boy - Leo zodiac sign

Born under the sign of Leo - character

A person born under the sign of Leo, has a truly Royal character traits, it is not surprising, since the lion is king of beasts. Generous, confident, constantly catching the admiring glances of others, they always look fancy and elegant, it will never change and not to engage in empty debate, any task, even very sophisticated ones, are under a powerful onslaught of a Lion. The purpose of this sign of the zodiac, in fact, huge, all he wants Leo, he gets.
The name of the child should correspond to his character, and to embody all the hopes of the parents for the future successful life of the child. In many respects, the name can correct the flaws in the character of a Lion.

Little lion already since childhood the lion demonstrates their habits: he is a leader, cheerful, friendly with all in the yard, waiting for the recognition from their peers, does not tolerate being pushed around, and gets depressed if that happens. In the home, parents need to negotiate with a toddler, it is necessary to maintain a child's interest, to guide and support all his aspirations.
Lions are truly generous and magnanimous, they are open to the world, pride is the only thing that is a serious brake in a delightful procession of the victorious, it can turn a Lion into a ruthless and tough partner.

Select the name of the baby lion

When choosing a name, parents often note that harmonically sound with the name and patronymic of the child, but initially make a list of the most suitable characteristics. The desire of parents clear, I want to, without strong and dedicated kid's got a name, which will help him in the future and would not conflict with the already shown characteristics of the sign of the zodiac.

You should not choose more common names, so there is a possibility that the child, having grown up, lost among their namesakes and will not be able to be different, to become a leader and a leader. Also, do not choose pretentious and obscure name to protect the child from bullying in school, among friends.

The most suitable names for baby Lion

Best names for a boy-Leo are the following:

- Artem – will give your child independence, uncompromising;
- Valery - child will have such qualities as curiosity and enthusiasm;
- Vladlen – name creates the artistry, determination;
- Cyril - baby will be not only independent, hard-working, and sensitive;
- Rostislav, the name will bring to life the kid friendliness.

Here are just a few names that may suit the baby lion, but it's your job to define the concept of choosing a name: the most appropriate according to the characteristics or the main thing that it was unusual. Perhaps there is a reason to name the baby in honor of someone. Importantly, the name brought a little happiness to life with proudly raised head.

Advice 2 : What names fit the signs of the zodiac

How to choose a baby name that are focused? Most importantly – the preferences of parents, some family traditions. In some families, for example, it is customary to name children in honor of relatives. Often before to give a name to the child, consult the Calendar. And few know that it is possible to check with the zodiac. Because of the different signs of the zodiac horoscope correspond to different names.
Name horoscope

The fire gives its signs of the zodiac penetrating power, activity. The first fire sign in the horoscope is Aries. The boy born under the sign of Aries, will come the names: Alexander, Andrew, Tom, Godfrey, Valeri, Nikolai, Oleg, Ruslan and Yaroslav. If there was a girl, the baby is better to call: Angela, Victoria, Eugenia, Claudia, Love, Oksana, Polina, Svetlana, Julia.

Another representative of the fire segment of the zodiac circle – lion. The lion's determination coexists in Leo with a need for recognition. Great names in the zodiac for a boy-Lion Anton, Anatoly, Adam, Bogdan, Daniel, Ivan, Kirill, Ilya, Leo, Nicholas, Roman, Jan. Girl Lioness suitable names: Aleksandra, Antonina, Valentina, Diana, Victoria, Natalya, Hope, Ella, Jan.

Closes the triad of fire signs, Sagittarius. The male Archer more suited names: Athanasius, Basil, Vladislav, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Peter, Ruslan, Simon, Simon, Stephen, Philip. Girl: Alice, Faith, Zhanna, Irina, Marina, Margaret, Sophia.

Capricorn opens the triad of earth signs of the Zodiac. Earth signs like cold, dryness, strength and stability. Capricorn characteristic diligence, common sense, thoroughness and dislike of change. Best names for boys-Capricorns are: Abram (Abraham), Boris, David, Hilarion, Israel, Igor, Constantine, Nazar, Makar, Robert, Stanislav. Girl Capricorn can be named: Barbara, Darya, Devin, Inga, Maria, Olga, Sophia, Emma.

Earth Calf characteristic kindness. But they are ruthless abusers of their loved ones. The boy-Calf suit names the Mayor, Adam, Arthur, Victor, Benjamin, Egor, Ilya, Mikhail, Maxim, Matthew, Fedor. Girls can be called: Victoria, Victoria, Diane, Galina, sugar, Lada, Hope, Milena, Tatiana.

The last sign of earth triad of the Zodiac – Virgo. Virgo smart and determined. And if not for their tendency to be fussy.... A male virgin is to bear the name: Valentin, Henry, Hleb, Gennady, Stanislav, innocent, Prochorus, Rostislav, Timothy, Stephen. Girl: Alevtina, Valentine, Anita, Irene, Lydia, Ksenia, Marina, or Tatiana.

Open air Libra zodiac triad. Libra, despite the "lightness", the people are friendly, good-natured and sensible. Boy Scales better to call one of the names: albert, Archie, Benjamin, Kevin, Luis, Michael, Nikita, Paul, Jacob. Girl: Angelina, Veronica, Lily, Clara, Eugene, Oksana.

Ironically Aquarius is one of the most stable signs of the Zodiac. Aquarians are self-sufficient, independent and have strong intuition. If the boy was born under the sign of Aquarius, it fits one of the names: Andrey, Vitaly, Valery, Vladimir and Evgeny, Kirill, Oleg, Yuri. Girls: Anna, Valeria, Galina, Larisa, Natalia, Olga, Julia.

Triad closes the air sign of Gemini. The twins are talented and outstanding. Boy-Twin should be called: Alex, Herman, Eugene, mark, Nikita, Sergei, Nikolai. Girl: Anastasia, Violetta, Isabella Eugenia, Inga, Kristina, Regina, Oksana.

The last triad of the zodiac – signs of water. And the first of them is Cancer. Cancers tend fine mental organization, which they carefully guard from the mundane material world. Boy Cancer suitable name: Valentin, Denis, Vitaly, Dmitry, Maxim, Timothy. Girl: Alina, Valentina, Elizabeth, Lily, Olesya, Stanislaw, Jan.

Scorpions are multi-faceted and mysterious. So much so that sometimes even themselves do not understand. However, the mystery only adds to the attractiveness of Scorpions. The boy-Scorpion is best to call one of the names: Aristarchus, Athanasius, Sawa, male, Sam, Taras, Yuri, Yaroslav. The girl will approach one of the names: Alevtina, Victoria, Edna, Elizabeth, Zoe, Love, Lolita, Maria, Raisa, Sarah, rose, flora.

The last earth sign is Pisces. The Fish so much warmth that even the most frozen heart can resist these delicate melancholic. Boys of Fish is called: Athanasius, Vadim, Boris, Vladimir, Veniamin, Ivan, Roman, Yemelyan, Thomas. Girls: Regina, Pauline, Anita, Emma, Vera, Eva, Vladislav, Maya.
Useful advice
To maximally ensure the newborn happy in life, it is best to go to an astrologer. A specialist can draw up a horoscope of the baby and to determine the most influential planet in it at the time of the birth of the baby. And then you can choose a baby name, the vibrations of which correspond to the vibration of his planet, the patron.
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