Winter born talented, motivated people with a fairly complex character. They are prone to conflicts, they often have problems in dealing with other people. The main feature of the January people are patience, steadiness and hard work. They are great to organize themselves and to endure all hardships that fell to their share.
Solid, even rigid character, the desire for autonomy and independence, stealth, strong will and leadership qualities are fully inherent not only to men born in January, but also women.
These people are characterized by painful pride, so that they are able to do silly things and run risks. However, a well-developed intuition allows them to avoid serious trouble.
The person whose birthday is in January, always will be a loyal, reliable friend who can be relied upon, and the faithful husband. He is patient, forgiving and forgiving.
In January people are born with strong leadership qualities. They take on more responsibility and never shy away from responsibility for their actions. They possess a sharp mind, easily trained, quickly assimilate new knowledge and learn new skills.
As a rule, the January men and women are the real climbers. The work, not involving promotion, they just are not interested, they ambition need satisfaction in the professional sphere. They are successful in politics, business, science and law.
For boys the perfect names would be: Gregory, Ilya, Timothy, Athanasius, Cyril, Nikita, Efim, Konstantin, Stephen, Prochorus, Proclus, Elizar, Sevastyan (Sebastian), Daniel, Ivan, Ignatz, Anton, max, Paul, Michael, Sergey, Phillip, Niphon, Theodosius, Nicanor, Seraphim, Peter, George, George, Egor, Nikolay, Feodor, mark, Thaddeus, Basil, Nahum, James, Prokop, Teoctist, Tom, Clement, Benjamin, Adam, Emelyan, Simon, Trofim, Valentine, Sawa.
The girls will bring happiness such names as Leonidiya, Felicita, Nina, Agrippina, Anastasia, Claudia, Agatha, Domna, appolinariya, Maria, Irina, Aglaia, Melania, Ulyana, Evgenia, Tatiana, anisiya, Theodore, Pauline, Vasilisa.
Keep in mind, that innate pride, commitment, integrity and fidelity to people born in January, underlined by well-sounding names. For boys it could be: Daniel, Ivan, Vladimir, Ilya, Maxim, Peter, Arthur, Eugene, Alexander, Gregory, Victor. Girls suitable for the following names: Irina, Love, Pauline, Natalia, Anastasia, Tatiana, Alexandra, Maria, Nina, Eugene, Juliana, Anisa, Lyudmila.
In addition, the January children should not call hard names, able to enhance the already strong character of its owner. For boys such names are: Dmitry, Anatoly, Igor, for girls it is better to avoid such names as Dean, Daria, Catherine, Jeanne.