The character of the boy born in December

Born in December, men are characterized by high emotionality, temper over nothing and unbalanced, in moments of irritation barely control myself. They need a frequent change of environment, circle of friends, they can't stand monotony and monotony. However, the explosive nature does not prevent them to be persistent, they are able to overcome various obstacles and achieve the desired goal. The correct selection of a name will make the boy more forgiving and decent. Strong, bright, sonorous name will give him a sense of purpose and energy.

December men ambitious and independent. They are straightforward and are not capable of cunning and intrigue. In addition, they are extremely sociable, society needs them like air. Most of all they value their freedom, seeking always and everywhere to dominate. Avoid any obligations.

Incorrigible romantics and idealists, they are able to be real friends. The December man will always tell the truth, what bitter it was. They had nothing to hide from each other or the second half. Straightforward and honest, they expect similar behavior from others. Always prefer bitter truth to the ignorant, albeit preserving their imaginary peace of mind.

Men born in the first month of winter, become great leaders, if you do not give in to unnecessary risk. Extraordinary intelligence, good memory, courage, determination and originality help representatives of the stronger sex, born in December, it's easy to take its place in any field of activity.

Family life in the December of men is difficult. They are impulsive, prone to succumb to impulses, amorous and inconstant, it's very difficult to build stable long-term relationship. Difficult for them and planning the family budget. They are not frugal and do not know how to spend money.

The main advantage of men December is kindness, compassion and lack of rancor. They are easy to themselves, but they quickly move away and rarely take offense seriously.

Most suitable names

For a boy, born in December, are well suited names: Michael, Andrew, Alexander, Alexey, Valery, Makar, Theodore, Peter, Christopher, Jacob, Roman, Plato, Gregory, Ivan, Mitrofan, Clement, Gerald, Paramon, Arkady, Arseniy, Orestes, mark, Adrian, George, Yegor, Yuri, Estelle, Colette, Leo, Paul, Cyril, Thomas, Daniel, Arkhip, Gabriel, max, Maxine, Andrew, Nahum, Gury, modest, Sofron, Nikon, Spiridon, Athanasius, Savva, Gennady, Zakhar, Anton, Valerian, Procopius, Jaroslav, Filaret, Tryphon, Sevastian, Simon.

Bring happiness born in the first winter month names such as Roman, Alex, Gregory, Andrew, Michael, Tom, Stephen, Cyril, Maxim, Alexander, Paul.

It is not desirable to call the December boys names: Anatoly, Nikolai, Dmitri, Sergei, Stanislav.