Look how the names correspond to date of birth in the calendar. In the old days it was the primary method of selection name of the newborn, because it was long customary to baptize almost all children mandatory. Each day in this calendar correspond to the defined names. For example in July for the first number of this Alexander, Vasily and Sergei, for the second - Ivan, Zosima, for the third – Andrey, Dmitry, Ivan, Methodius, Athanasius and Hleb and so on.

Full list you can look at the dedicated website or in the printed edition of the calendar. Day in the calendar, which accounts for the name of the person is called a name day.

Just keep in mind that to name the child according to the calendar taken either on the day when the baby was born, or around that day. But in any case not by the day preceding the child's birthday, especially if you decide to baptize him.
Pick up son the name of the Zodiac sign. If the boy was born in July, so the sign of the Zodiac it is either cancer or Leo.

Boys cancers astrologers suggest to call it: Andrew, Arsenius, Valentin, and Vitaliy Vyacheslav, Grigory, Denis, Dmitry, Ilya, Joseph, Maxim, Stanislav, Timothy.

Recommendations for boys-Lviv: August, Alexander, Alexey, Anatoly, Anton, Artem, Daniel, Ivan, Ilya, Cyril, Nicholas, Peter, Roman, Rostislav, Savely.
Refer to special characteristics of the child's month of birth is something like an analogue chart, only composed by psychologists. Psychologists describe July's people as people with unstable nervous system, are a little selfish, but aspiring to leadership. Males born in July, good natured, gullible and always ready to come to the rescue of friends.

For these boys, we recommend the following names: Anatoly, Vyacheslav, George, Nikita, Edward.
But better to just name your son as you tells your heart, not referring to all kinds of calendars and schedules.