Use the Church calendar, which contains about 1,100 names. A large number of names in the calendar Slavic, Hebrew, Latin and Greek origin. Among the names of the Church calendar is such that, over time, become even more popular. For example, the calendar for the 5th July is Anna, Athanasius (Afanas, Apanas), Barbara, Elizabeth (Elizabeth, Lizaveta), Lamps, Kirill, Serge (Sergei). Or for 22 July is Alex (Alexey), Cornelius (of the Roots), Mary (Marja), Foca (Phocaea, Focan), Michael.
When you select a name, daughter and son you can focus on the Zodiac sign. July children can be cancer or Leo Zodiac sign.

For the boys-crawfish favorable names: Andrew, Peter, Hleb, Robert. For boys-the lions should prefer the names: Anton, Leonid, Ilya, Leo, Jaroslav, Ruslan.

For girls-happy cancers can be the names: Valentine, Lydia, Olga, Emma. For girls-the lions are the most suitable names: Christina, Janna, Julia, Veronica.
Take into account the opinion of psychologists about children born in the summer. Psychologists believe that the summer guys show flexibility in resolving the issues. Thus these children lack the fighting qualities. This problem can be solved if you give the baby a "hard" name. Well-chosen name will give your child more confidence and will also provide protection from life's obstacles.

The July preferred names for boys: Ignat, George, Tom, Boris, Andrey, Denis, Ivan, Anton, Roman, Dmitry, Konstantin.

The July preferred names for girls: Antonina, Alla, Lucy, Valeria, Maria, Daria, Inna, Olga, Margaret.
The Internet to find the list of famous people born in the month of July. Thus, you can name the baby in honor of the eminent Director, actor, artist, writer, scientist, musician, athlete.