Vacation in preschool educational institutions

Annual leave amounting to the sum of 56 calendar days must be provided to the people who work in such positions as:

- educators;

- the leaders of the muses. institutions;

instructors physical training;

- speech therapists and speech pathologists;

teachers for preschoolers with any abnormalities;

- educators in the health institutions that are able to provide children with long-term treatment.

In other words, such leave shall be teachers, principals, and teachers employed in the above posts in DOE and working hours of which, necessarily, correspond to a monthly rate of salary.
In the primary school and kindergarten, as well as in specialized schools for children with any disabilities, weekly duration of work should be 25 hours, not more than 5 hours a day for five days work. For such institutions that also provide Spa treatment (with the exception of tuberculosis, and fading forms) - 36 hours. And for the teachers who work with groups of children infected with tuberculosis (microbacterial) – 30 weekly hours.

Leave in 56 days and is expected for those working in schools and other DOE specializing in working with children having deviations in development.

Rate the caregiver or teacher should not be less than 18 hours weekly.

56 vacation days for University teachers

Deans, professors and IPK, Pro-rectors, Directors of branches, heads of departments of scientific research and graduate schools, as well as scientists secretaries are entitled to paid leave of 56 days, the possibility of which will only appear if the job as a teacher in the total amount will make not less than 150 hours.

Not to reduce, but to extend the holiday through festive days, when writing an application be sure to specify dates in calendar days, not taking into account only the period, i.e. the start and end dates of the leave.

Regardless of the entire teaching load leave must be submitted in full to the Deputy Directors in scientific work, as well as rectors of evening and correspondence departments of universities.