Shape your diet so that 50-60% of it was given to foods containing carbohydrates. Moreover, it is difficult, as simple carbohydrates too quickly absorbed from the digestive tract, causing the blood sugar increases and glucose is converted into fat. It is best to eat cereals, pasta from durum wheat, ferrous wholemeal bread, muesli and cereal.
Eat foods rich in protein. They should occupy in the diet of about 30%. For a set of muscle mass it is useful to eat meat, especially chicken, which is low in fat, fish and seafood, eggs, legumes, nuts and low-fat dairy products. The greatest value of the latter, have curd, cheese, milk, yogurt. Eggs you can eat 5-8 pieces daily, if the body tolerates them. But the protein mushroom is practically not absorbed person, so this product is useless for muscle growth.
Remember the fiber, the consumption of which helps to improve digestion. That is why it is also important every day to eat fresh vegetables that do not contain starch. But they should not be much – just 10% of the total volume of food consumed, otherwise the latter will not have time to digest and absorbed by the body.
In the diet include a small amount of fat. Best of all, if it is of animal origin. The best option – there are several times a week large amounts of fatty fish. In this case, the body will get enough fat.
Gradually increase the caloric content of food consumed. A set of muscle mass will occur only if the number of calories consumed is more than used up. When weight gain starts to be 800 grams per week, cease to increase the caloric content of food, otherwise the body will begin to save fat.
Follow the diet. For a set of muscle mass is important not only for the specific products and their quantity but also the frequency of meals. At reinforced strength training to 4-5 times a day, because the body it is very important to get energy.
Drink plenty of water. For strength training it is very important to prevent dehydration. That's why in no event it is impossible to deny yourself simple water when you feel thirst. Ideally, each day the body must receive 3 liters of fluid, including the one that is already contained in the food.
Listen to your body, as it is individual. One needed a little more protein for muscle mass, others carbohydrates. That's why it's important to adjust yourself to the diet, based on the characteristics of its body.