Surrogate motherhood is a controversial thing. As a rule, decided on his desperate wife, pereprobovali all other options to conceive your child. The exact cost can only be calculated taking into account all the factors: costs of the services of a surrogate mother, the cost of clinic services, the number of implantable embryos and hatched, and more. Only after that you can tell exactly how much it will cost the procedure.
In addition, the cost of surrogacy depends on the region. For example, Moscow is one of the most expensive. In provincial cities such a procedure would be cheaper.

How to find out the cost of services for the procedure of surrogacy

To make your estimate better study of the professional forums. Today there are on the Internet quite a lot. They "sit" and physicians, and potential surrogate mothers.

The cost of surrogate mothers depends on where it will appear (you may arrange with a relative or good friend, then the price is lower), from her experience, health, etc.
Choosing surname, do not try to save money. Because it is work. And the better it is paid, the more willing a woman is in such a procedure and complies with all the requirements of "employer".

The cost of the services of a surrogate mother is estimated to be between 500 000 and above, depending on the financial possibilities a pair of customers.

You should also consider the cost of the services of the clinic, providing services of IVF. In the complete program may include examination of a surrogate mother, working with biological material of the biological parents, the IVF procedure, and follow-up of pregnancy. Here the expense can also vary from a few hundred thousand. It all depends on the skill of the doctor and the popularity of the clinic.

Among the additional services we should add on the passage of a surrogate mother to the place of residence for the period of pregnancy, her monthly maintenance (from 15 000 to 30 000 rubles a month), the cost of food and medical supplies that may be required at the time of carrying a child. And I also have to lay in the budget act itself.

As a result, the procedure of surrogacy will cost a couple on average 1 500 000 and more (no limit) rubles. And this is a conservative estimate.

That is worth remembering

When deciding on the treatment of surrogacy, it is worth remembering that you are only all round are required. For a couple biologically also have their warranty. For example, when signing the contract, should pay attention to a paragraph on the responsibilities of the clinic to reimburse prospective parents, if something goes wrong, for example, pregnancy will be interrupted in the early stages.

Also, the parents can seek compensation from the surrogate mothers, if she does not comply with the terms of the contract, for example, have forbidden foods, not visiting the doctor as scheduled, or smokes in secret.