Why a newborn is crying without tears?

In the period of intrauterine development of the fetus mucous plug blocks the way from the conjunctival cavity of his eyes into the nasal cavity. At the time of birth this tube should disappear, but not always. In some infants tear ducts remain closed, and an original film creates an obstacle to the outflow of tears from the conjunctival cavity.

When during crying in infants there were no tears, new parents, the question arises whether it is normal. Cause for concern in this case no tear ducts in newborns be fully operational around the end of the second month of life. However, some children tears can appear much earlier, that is not abnormal, and is due to the individual characteristics of the organism.
When viewed month-old baby, the pediatrician needs to assess the condition of his eyes. Proper formation of the eyelids, the movement of the eyeballs, absence of suppuration in the corners – are important indicators of the health of the baby.

Crying without tears as a means of communication of the newborn with others

The cry of a baby in the neonatal period can be called a kind of communication with the outside world, because in another way he can't Express yourself. When the baby did not bother, and nearby is a caring mother, he behaves calmly, as to Express their emotions it does not work because of the lack of a smile.

If parents of a newborn think that their kid is smiling or his face expressed dissatisfaction, this is due to the usual changes of facial expressions baby face. Emotions as such cannot be manifested by the child who has not reached at least the age of one month. This is due to the fact that facial muscles in the first weeks of life of a little person not controlled by the subcortex of the brain, so facial expressions cannot change consciously.
Before two months of age the newborn's eyes are not able to distinguish colors. However, by six months the baby can easily distinguish all the basic colors – red, blue, green, yellow.

The baby is growing, but still no tears...

If tears came to the third month of life, then the child has a clogged tear duct. Baby crying without tears, to show the eye doctor, who will prescribe special eye drops from the softening effect. In addition to the instillation of eye, babies need massage the tear ducts. Doing it five times a day, while the little finger a circular motion in the inner corner of the eye.

In case suppuration should again consult a specialist. Now he himself will conduct a painless procedure begerovaya, which is done using a thin probe that extends the tear duct. At home to solve festering parents can use a solution furatsilina.