This attitude on the part of adults is excusable for those who do not have a direct relationship to the education of the child. But for mom have a serious problem: as soon as possible to find out the cause of crying and immediately to resolve it.

Do not forget that the function of crying in babies and older children are different. Children up to two years start to cry for the following reasons:

  • hungry
  • you need to change a diaper,
  • baby cold or hot,
  • need attention
  • wants to sleep,
  • something hurts.

Probably the most difficult task will be to define what is hurting the child. Mothers can distinguish the cry. When the pain it is continuous and smooth. The most common cause of colic and teeth. If still not managed to find out that it hurts the child, you should consult a doctor.

Children older than two years the situation a little easier. A child is a little talk and understands your questions. Therefore, to understand his needs easier. But there is a flip side of the coin - frequent whims and tantrums, which are used as a means of manipulation.

But not all crying is manipulation. When the child fell or accidentally broken his favorite toy, hurt another child is a real reason to cry. For crumbs that even a whole mountain. In such cases the baby simply needs to cry. Don't distract him, not comfort and not shame, and moreover does not ask questions and do not persuade, just be there, enveloped in the protection and silent attention, take his hands and push yourself. At this point the child runs a critical process, the baby is freed from unwanted feelings. I can talk and then, when emotions subside, breathing aligned, and the tears will dry.

If you have been purposeful manipulation (tantrum until he gets what he wants), then the best thing you can do in this situation - ignoring. The child must understand that you will talk to him after he completely calms down.

You can leave it on one. The child is an actor for one spectator, and if it isn't, and the show is cancelled. And eventually your child will understand that this method will not achieve anything, and in the future, the child will never resort to such methods.