That are often given to girls of 16 years

Going to visit people with a low income, gift easier to choose, they have so many things to buy. A girl from such a family probably dreams of a big set of cosmetics, a good manicure kit or a fashionable perfume. It may be some kind of jewelry or silver, gold jewelry. Price is not necessarily very high, and such a gift can make people with any level of income.

A good gift can be a gift certificate for a certain amount of money. Later, the girl herself will choose what to buy. Either before going to visit, just ask her what to get her. Then your gift are sure to please.

What to give a girl of 16 years who has everything

Even harder to choose a gift for a girl who seem to already have everything. Here you need to include all their imagination and pick something that will bring joy and pleasure. It can be expensive phone or tablet the latest models, expensive jewelry, a trip abroad or painting made by the artist with oil on the girl's picture.

You can give an expensive coat or exclusive handbag. All depends on the financial capacity of the person making the gift. Some girls give the car and the apartment the day of the sweet sixteen.

Also don't forget about flowers that can be awarded in addition to the gift.

What to give a girl of 16 years, the taste of which you don't know

A girl under 16 years is not quite an adult, especially in the eyes of parents but not the child. So young person of this age, apparently, of giving dolls is not worth it, unless it's some kind of art dolls, which young lady dreams for many years.

If you know little 16-year-old girl, to which you are invited to a birthday, select something unusual that will kill her. For example, as in the song about a million scarlet roses. If the woman gave a single rose or a small bouquet, it would be a private, insignificant gift. But the artist gave a million!

So, if you want to impress, come up with something original that can surprise. If your imagination doesn't allow this, look in the Internet-shop of unusual gifts. There are all kinds of non-standard Souvenirs in a wide range.

How many people — so many welcome gifts! Do not buy the first thing, and especially do not give what you do not need. A gift made from the heart, will appreciate it.