Advice 1: What to give to your best friend

If you are familiar with his girlfriend of many years, you probably know all of her tastes. So confidently choose the gift that she will love. And the main criterion in choosing a gift for your best friend is not the amount of money left on the counter of the store, and the shining eyes of your girlfriend.
What to give to your best friend
Give your best friend a master class on one of the types of needlework. Silk painting, decoupage, felting, making jewellery - this is not a complete list of what is offered by different agencies for the holidays or hobby centers. Whichever technique you choose for your girlfriend, she will receive a gift and knowledge, and thing make with your own hands. And it is possible that this will be the first step on the road to a great hobby in life is your girlfriend.
Handmade gifts in textile technology deserve special attention. The range of products made by masters of decorative-applied art, is enormous. For girlfriend, you can choose a bag, makeup bag, wallet, Notepad, textile decoration a wide variety of styles and colors. Unique and high-quality item can be purchased on various sites that sell works of masters-craftsmen, exhibitions of decorative art and in stores. And you can give a couple of things in the same style. For example, to choose for best friend gift bag and cosmetic bag. The main thing is to do it in advance to get to the desired date.
Your friend has lots of decorations? So they always were in order, give her the accessories to store them. This may be the original clothes or box. The box - very easy to use. For each decoration has its own Department. Bracelets, rings, pendants always easy to find. Maybe the gift will be a panel with the special mounts for jewelry. Very comfortable and interior decorate, and bring benefit.
Silk handkerchiefs and scarves expensive, but delicious. Natural silk will last a long time, will keep in hot weather and will add charm to the wardrobe. It's the classic things that I love and wear with pleasure. Among the colors and patterns of these textile accessories, you can always find one that will suit the tastes of your friend. And the taste you are aware - no wonder you're together for so many years. By the way, a scarf can make a wonderful decoration, having passed through the two ends of the scarf ring or attached textile flower.
The book was, is and will be one of the most wonderful gifts. For every taste you can find a good gift an instance that will delight your best friend for many years and be reminded of your friendship.
Useful advice
Choosing a gift for a best friend, consider her Hobbies. If she loves to cook, give her a book on cooking. If you travel a good notebook on the journey, a photo album, a travel cosmetic bag.

Advice 2: What to gift best friend birthday

How wonderful to give gifts and to receive pleasure from the joy of the person that received the gift, especially if it is the closest and best friend.
What to gift best friend birthday
The choice of gift is quite interesting, but sometimes it just becomes some kind of puzzle, and trips to various shops do not give positive results, besides time-consuming. Not to get into such a predicament, please consider what to give, this is necessary to consider the nature of friends, interests, Hobbies, cherished desires and lifestyle.
You also need to determine what your gift: practical or symbolic.

Practical gifts

When choosing a practical gift, consider the lifestyle and occupation of the individual. For example, Housewives can get something from the kitchen equipment or just a set of pots, tableware. Also pay attention to the taste preferences of your girlfriend. For lovers of coffee perfect coffee machines, coffee grinders, coffee makers, those who adhere to diets, you can give steamer or toaster for those who like baking and various cocktails suitable mixers and blenders, but if your friend loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, feel free to give her a food processor.

For a friend, which belongs to the category business ladies, you can pick up leather organiser, business card holders, Notepad in an expensive weave, a tablet or a high end pen.

If your friend has a car, you can choose from automotive topics such as navigation, radio, seat covers, DVR.

To sports friends the perfect gift would be a pedometer, scales, hand case for phone, stopwatch, as well as a subscription to a fitness club.
Of course, good gifts are and various jewellery and costume jewelry.

Symbolic gifts

If you want to make a symbolic gift or to fill your life with positive emotions and memorable, you can choose a trip to the paintball club, skiing or ice skating, horseback riding, Spa treatments, skydiving, Opera, concert favorite singer or going to the movies for the much anticipated film.

And do not worry if when choosing a gift, you have limited finances. You can pick up a variety of Souvenirs, boxes, vases, to make a gift with your own hands, order in the Studio calendar with a picture of the birthday girl or a slide show of congratulations. And various aromatic lamps, candles and gift Soaps will be able to please your friends. And of course, don't forget about flowers that are so admired all women.
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