A gift for a guy for the minimum money

Modern man is difficult to impress. However, for very experienced guys, there are several gifts that will surprise, delight and will be long remembered. Most importantly, with passion come to the selection of fascinating gizmos.

Few young friends will not appreciate interesting functional interior. The main thing that it was not pink cushions or candles. Cool gift that won't affect your budget will be a lamp in the form of the female breast. A souvenir, for example, can be presented as romantic on February 14. The cost of the sexual parts of the interior about 500 rubles.
Don't give the guy gifts that I would have chosen for himself. Refrain from socks, shaving cream, or shampoos (unless he asks about them). Today the range of inexpensive gifts is extremely wide.

Oddly enough, but even a mug can lift the mood of your choice. For example, a spectacular gift will be a capacity for drink with handle in the form of brass knuckles. More original travel mug with a thermal image. When it hits the hot liquid, the pattern is changing. Cool inexpensive gift container with a picture of a stripper, gradually "undress" as they heat.

If the guy is an avid motorist, he will surely enjoy "gadgets" for your beloved vehicle. Here are cheap so many options. For example, give him a organizer on the back of a chair or a magnetic anti-slip Mat.

Also don't forget about handmade gifts – the cheapest option. Present guy made his own "Book of wishes" or a big box with a list of its advantages. Don't forget to make beautiful surprise and to prepare a speech.

What to give a friend: inexpensive and tasteful

To choose a cheap present for a girl is somewhat simpler. Many beauties love sweets, nice bath stuff and gifts. But for little money you can give and something original.

A magnificent gift – a piggy-nutritionist. Cute pink pig in a white t-shirt has a special sensor that reacts to opening the door of the refrigerator. Once you decide to once again eat, the gadget will start to grunt loudly, obviously hinting at the consequences of the snack.
Gift unusual gifts ensure that the recipient will not be offended. Immediately decipher the effect of surprise, show how it works. When choosing, focus on Hobbies and way of life.

A useful gift will be the passport cover. In this range you will find many beautiful and cool images that will appeal to trendy girls. For example, the cover simulating an iPhone, a chocolate bar, passbook. Of the more democratic choices: the English flag, images of stars.

Pay attention to the interesting mini-alarms. If the friend does not like to get up in the morning, give her a little silicone table clock: they are not afraid of falling and morning aggression. Otherwise, approach simple plastic mini-version, made in soft colors and featuring a cute retro design.