Advice 1: What to give the girl at the end of school

Graduation is a responsible and important moment in a person's life. The child leaves childhood behind and begins to live in the adult world. Your daughter, of course, always be your baby, but choosing a gift for her Last call, do not buy toys.
What to give the girl at the end of school

Came out of high school are not only beautiful but also useful gift, thus you show that you acknowledge the right of daughters to choose the path of life. The thing is to match the Hobbies of the girl or to be practical, to make life easier for future students.

A University education is almost a job that requires very expensive devices for successful learning. Versatile and certainly useful gift would be a laptop or tablet computer that will be useful in the preparation of assignments. Student mobile the individual is, therefore, cyberostracism it is better a desktop computer.

If the girl has chosen the right profession, think about more specific gift. For the musicians the necessary tools or electronic devices. For the actress include a recorder, a player, a set of professional makeup. The artist will be useful to high-quality brushes, paints and easel. The future athlete will be glad to obtain the necessary proprietary equipment or simulator.

Not all girls are going to enter universities, but they all dream of a beautiful jewelry. By the end of school you can purchase for your beloved daughters graceful jewel with a stone. Mineral insert, select, based on the advice of astrologers for the Zodiac sign.

Girl with model looks will present an opportunity to make a portfolio of a good photographer. Lover of the trails get a tour of the country which she had long wanted to visit.

The choice of gift will depend on your physical capabilities. Some parents can afford to give Chad the end of the school the keys to the apartment or car, others will be a delicious cake and a bouquet of flowers. Any thing you have selected with love for your child please old schoolgirl.

Advice 2: How to donate daughter's apartment

Transaction of gift is governed by article 572 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation and formalized agreement between the donor and the donee. To give the apartment to her daughter can prepare the necessary documents.

How to donate daughter's apartment
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the apartment;
  • - extract from the BTI;
  • - notarized authorization for the transaction from all owners;
  • - cadastral extract;
  • - extract from the house register and a personal account;
  • - the contract;
  • - the act of transferring;
  • receipt for registration services.
If you are planning to give the apartment to her daughter, prepare fresh cadastral extract. Cadastral passport has a shelf life of 5 years, after which you will have to update the information to obtain the necessary statement.
Please contact your regional Bureau of technical inventory documents for an apartment and my passport. Complete the application form for challenge of cadastral engineer. Pay the state fee for the provision of services. Based on the inspection of your apartment all documents update, after which you will be able to get all the statements required for the transaction of donation.
Apartment, located only in your property, you have the right to give her daughter without getting additional permits. However, if the apartment have the right of ownership of other persons, receive their written consent, without which it is impossible to give real estate.
If the incapacitated apartment owners contact the authorities of guardianship and guardianship, give written notice that you expect the apartment to give. On the basis of the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, notarized permission of parents, guardians or legal representatives of incapacitated people, you can make a deal of giving.
Alienating an apartment owned by spouses, joint daughter get a notarized authorization from the other spouse is not necessary.
Preparing all the documents, conclude the contract of donation. In accordance with the Civil code, it is possible to arrange in the simple written form with notarization or without, and also to address to the notary and to use the service for the execution of the contract. The cost of concluding a notarial contract is 1% of the cadastral value of the apartment. Before contacting the notary will receive the certificate of the cadastral value of the apartment in Bureau of technical inventory.
The final stage of the transaction is the state registration of rights of ownership to your daughter. To the Registrar apply, please submit a passport of the donor and the donee, the cadastral extract, contract, act of transfer and acceptance. In 1 month your daughter will receive a certificate of ownership presented to the apartment.

Advice 3: What do you get the girl on 13th birthday

Girl at 13 years is already a young lady. Choosing a gift for 13th anniversary, should remember this. At this age the girls are interested in fashion, hanging with my company, reading youth magazines, i.e. strongly interested in life. When buying a gift it should also be taken into account.
What do you get the girl on 13th birthday

For beauty

Girls 13 years of age begin to use makeup, so giving her a set of cosmetics for young skin, you will not regret it. Makeup may be for face care and decorative. Perfume or perfume will please a girl. But such gifts are difficult to choose, if you do not know the preferences of the girls.

Fashionable clothes will be an excellent gift, but keep in mind the style that the birthday girl prefers. 13 years old girls love to dress up, jeans, t-shirts, dresses not much happens. Fashionable and stylish shoes will also bring the culprit of the holiday fun.

Thirteen-year-old girls already wear jewelry. In jewelry stores you can buy whole kits for young coquettes. Decoration is made in the same style for adult women, but account for almost child of the future owners. You can give jewelry, but please note that jewelry should be really high quality and stylish. It is best to order a set of jewelry from some of the masters of manual work.


In the 13 years girls have pages on social networks, communicate by phone or Skype. For a teenager a good gift would be a new cell phone, preferably a smartphone, tablet or e-book.

If you can afford it, can please a young birthday girl new computer. Otherwise, a great gift would be a new keyboard made especially for young girls (pink, streamlined shape, with drawings of animals, etc.), mouse or even a printer.

13-year old girls love to take pictures or shoot video. So the birthday girl could use a new good camera or even a compact camcorder. There gifts digital photo frame.

You can give a young Flirty elegant watch, best quartz. They look stylish enough, but to have every day as a mechanical, they do not need.

If you want to stay on the cheaper gifts, take a look at flash drives in original-style covers for your cell phone, players, stands, laptop speakers.


13 years old girls already have Hobbies. A great gift would be one that supports these classes. The athlete can give the bag shape and sports equipment. The seamstress will appreciate the embroidery kits, sculpting, or beading. The artist will buy a set of paints and brushes, easel or other objects necessary for drawing. And you can buy the book for the needle, which is a description of beautiful Handicrafts.

And of course a young girl will appreciate flowers or a soft toy.

Advice 4: What laptop to buy for a photographer

Photographers your specific requirements to the laptop. It is important not only light weight mobile device that will be very noticeable in the field photo shoots. The performance of the laptop also needs to be on top to ensure fast and efficient editing of the material. And, of course, important screen.
What laptop to buy for a photographer
The matrix notebook for a photographer needs to have good color reproduction and good viewing angles, to pictures on the screen of the notebook could comfortably fit a few people. Under such requirements are well suited, for example, the matrix IPS. Also you can find laptop screens S-IPS Super IPS. Good and Retina displays of modern MacBook Air and Pro. The usual TN-matrix budget laptops look a bit worse, but among them you can pick up a good option. Be not too lazy to plug in the USB key with the test photos to evaluate the quality of the screen of the mobile device in the store. The managers will be happy to provide you with the opportunity.
The size of the matrix device is designed for photo shoots "light", should not exceed 15 inches. The screens smaller than 13 inches can not provide a good picture resolution and easy to view size.
The notebook performance is an important parameter, if you buy it for Studio photo shoots or mode of exit of the darkroom. At that time, as a photographer looking for the right angle, an assistant using a laptop processes, and retouch photos directly during served events. To powerful programs to work with pictures the amount of memory needed at least 4 GB and the processor not below Intel Core i5.
A good option for the photographer will be a laptop with a fast enough graphics card. This is important, for example, if the installation of video and 3D-modeling. High-performance mobile solution from Nvidia and Amd will make this work more effective. For normal operation with two-dimensional photographs is enough integrated graphics chip from Intel.
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